Rally Novice A Obedience.



Beau Geste Valhalla Julienas. SR210280/06. 10/21/2004. Breeder: Janet K Bramhall. By Channri Copland - Beau Geste Feta Compli. Bitch. Owner: Kathleen M Liebler & Doris Lasher.



American Indian Mohawk TD NJP. SR914031/07. 6/09/2002. Breeder: Laura Dusha, Christina Weeks, Brad Courson. By Ch Chestnut Livin The Good Life - Edgehill Keep The Home Fire Burnin. Bitch. Owner: Alice Ayres.

2 85


Drew Woods Scout Kendra. SN425327/06. 3/05/97. Breeder: Connie & Bob MacIntosh. By Ryvawin Thyme After Thyme - Twin-Beau-D Tangleloft VIP. Bitch. Owner: Susan W Crum.

EX Eliminated in ring


Mardovar's Look'n Furr Luck. SN881173/15. 11/10/2001. Breeder: Doranne Borsay Horowitz. By Mardovar's Hide'n Go Seek - Mardover's I'm So Glad. Bitch. Owner: Judy Freiwirth.



Northstar's Seriously Sharp Huntr. SR200880/02. 5/20/2004. Breeder: Kathleen Duhnoski & Carolyn Fuhrer. By Ch Pebwin's XPDNC - Pioneer's Grand Finale OA OAJ CDX VCD2 TD. Dog. Owner: Alice Ayres.

1 95 1:44:68


High Hopes Nick @ Nite. SN485142/05. 9/14/97. Breeder: Ann M & Richard W Gredler. By Ch Nautilus King Neptune - High Hopes Winfield. Dog. Owner: Kevin P McGlone.

3 84 2:01:47


Nautilus Trooper Frolic. SN818518/07. 6/22/2000. Breeder: Julie A MacKinnon. By Nautilus Blu Suede Shoes - Nautilus National Velvet. Dog. Owner: Susan W Crum.

4 72 2:11:59


Thistledown Kiss Me Kate. SR145450/01. 6/25/2003. Breeder: Donna Cutler. By Trowsnest Bentley's EZ Ryde - Gorefinadan Atlantic Mist. Bitch. Owner: Donna Cutler.



GraceRidge Sunfire Carnelion. SN914393/02. 6/03/2002. Breeder: Linda L Love. By Ch Clarkcreek's Who's On First - Clarcreeks Fried Green Tomato. Dog. Owner: Carolyn Zagami & Tom Zagami & Linda Love.



Score 95 1:44:68



Score 85 2:01:22



Score 84 2:01:47



Score 72 2:11:59


Rally Novice B Obedience.

98 1:30:53


Backgammon's North Star CD TDX. SN214095/01. 11/15/94. Breeder: Janet Shinn Henderson & Arline Buchanan. By Ch Nautilus Edgehill Crown Onyx - Highland Stocking Stuffer. Bitch. Owner: Carolyn Fuhrer & Kathleen Duhnoski.

97 1:48:04


Toryglen A Dream Of Flight. SR110438/01. 9/12/2003. Breeder: Dianne McDonough & Michele B Castonguay. By Ch My Chebaco Knight Of Flight - Toryglen Yukon Golden Dreams CD. Bitch. Owner: Dianne A McDonough.

92 2:01:09


North Star's Hot Diggity Dog NA NAJ TDX. SN864246/01. 7/25/2001. Breeder: Kathleen Duhnoski & Carolyn Fuhrer. By Ch Landmark Pebwin Fast Track CD JH - Pioneer's Grand Finale VCD2 TDX AX. Bitch. Owner: Kathleen Duhnoski & Carolyn Fuhrer.



Woodwind's Bird In The Hand. SN849456/02. 6/28/2001. Breeder: Cathy Guglielmo. By Ch Shilo's Starrstruck Best Bet - Woodwind's Dashwood Cricket CDX OA AXJ. Bitch. Owner: Cathy Guglielmo.



Shawnfield Kaper's Dreamkeeper JH. SR129737/01. 11/19/2003. Breeder: Marcia J Peirce. By MACH Wingmasters Bearboat Cruiser CDX JH - Shawnfield Echo's Escapade JH NA OAP NAJ NJP. Bitch. Owner: Marcia J Peirce.

85 1:30:13


Starseeker's Kissmas Cookie CD. SN712676/01. 12/27/99. Breeder: M Williams. By Ch Colabaugh's Desert Storm CDX TD JH - Starseeker's Rizing Star CDX JH. Bitch. Owner: J Baserga & J Milburn & M Williams.

86 1:41:75


Shawnfield Touched Byn Angel JH CDX. SR050137/01. 1/11/2003. Breeder: Marcia J Peirce. By Ch Daybreak Varsity Peacekeeper - Shawnfield's Kahlua Blast SH. Bitch. Owner: Marcia J Peirce.

75 2:07:71


Pioneer's Steamy Windows VCD1 NAP NJP. SN612081/01. 11/19/98. Breeder: Ruth & Thomas Woodard. By Ch Nautilus King Neptune - Online's Pioneer Ice Storm. Dog. Owner: Kathleen Duhnoski & Carolyn Fuhrer.



OTCh Second Wind Tis No Balderdash UDX JH. SN509075/06. 1/12/98. Breeder: Susan H Stewart. By Pine Run's Top Gun CD MH - Sunfire Second Wind Scout CD SH. Dog. Owner: Nancy Droukas.

3+ 99 1:31:23


Pioneer's Grand Finale VCD2 TDX AX. SN549159/05. 5/02/98. Breeder: Ruth Walker Woodard & Thomas A Woodard. By Ch Goodtime's Best Case Scenario CD JH - Pioneer's Elizabeth Of Tigger. Bitch. Owner: Carolyn Fuhrer & Kathleen Duhnoski.



Sunfire Just By Chance UD JH. SN840690/01. 5/06/2001. Breeder: Barbara F Biewer & Michael A Book. By Sunfire's Geronimo CD SH - Sunfire In The Arms Of Angels. Dog. Owner: Nancy Droukas.

89 1:31:23


Shawnfield Teasers Echo VCD2 UDX JH MX MXJ. SN265714/10. 7/10/95. Breeder: Marcia J Peirce. By Bonanza Briarwood Twelve Gauge CD JH NA - Shawnfield's Just A Tease UDX JH MX. Bitch. Owner: Marcia J Peirce.

85 2:10:28


Mirasol's Curious Incident VCD1 AX AXJ. SN776222/06. 9/10/2000. Breeder: Alison & Ray Desmarais. By Ch Highmark Mirasol Once A Knight VCD2 UDX JH - Ch Mirasol's Redecorator UD TD JH. Bitch. Owner: Roseann Mandell & Geoff Stern.

85 1:28:47


Mandell Marlenes Celebration UD. SN224361/05. 1/31/95. Breeder: Linda Dru Catlin. By Ch Colabaugh's Daredevil - Gadabout Spirit Of Mandell CDX. Bitch. Owner: Janice R Baserga DVM & Jeffrey S Milburn DVM.

70 2:10:60


Mirasol Bretsin Fanfair Blair. SN612064/04. 12/30/98. Breeder: Alison & Ray Desmarais. By Ch Summit's Truck 'N Eldorado - Ch Mirasol's Redecorator CDX JH. Dog. Owner: Nancy O Brett.



O-Jay Brettsinn Baldwin. SN804474/02. 1/15/2001. Breeder: Laura A & John R Ojemann. By Ch Naurilus Little Red Corvette - Ch O-Jay's Chrystal Clear. Dog. Owner: Nancy O Brett.

2 100 1:26:86


Toryglen Sweet Grace CD. SN731506/04. 4/10/2000. Breeder: Melinda Bourque & Dianne McDonough. By Ch Amberac My Castle Or Yours CD - Tory Gold Star Mine CDX. Bitch. Owner: Denise L Kohler & Diane M Kohler.



Tangleloft Sunstorm E Weather UD. SN412898/01. 11/30/96. Breeder: Lindsay McDowell. By Ch Goodtimes Best Case Scenario JH - Ch Thornfield Chillingsworth CD. Dog. Owner: Joanne Baker & Patrice Loves & Sandra Dunn.

97 1:39:11


Tri-J's Intrepid Jack Frost CDX. SN885132/01. 11/28/2001. Breeder: Margery & John Culver. By Ch Waterford Andrew - Ch Tri-J's Total Eclipse CD JH. Dog. Owner: William Barrows & Debra Barrows.

94 1:47:09


LazyDaze Jump For Joy CD OA OAJ NAP NJP. SN781131/03. 8/02/2000. Breeder: Kathleen Doyle. By Starquest Lazydaze Bonanza - Goldensands Can We Talk. Bitch. Owner: Fran Lappin & Kathleen Doyle.

93 1:56:04


Mirasol Calliope Goudas It Gets OA AXJ. SN883879/10. 11/11/2001. Breeder: Alison & Roy Desmarais. By Ch Highmark Mirasol Once A Knight UD TD JH - Ch Mirasol's Redecorator UD JH TD. Dog. Owner: Patricia Lindquist.



Tangleloft Sunstorm Encore CDX. SN564591/10. 7/15/98. Breeder: Sandra & Robert Dunn. By Ch Nautilus King Neptune - Tangleloft Final Folly. Bitch. Owner: Joanne Baker & Patrice Loves & Sandra Dunn.

80 2:27:02


Celebration's Get Up And Go. SR023458/04. 6/14/2002. Breeder: J Baserga, J Milburn, M Williams. By Ch Profile's Cidermill River Run - Starseeker's Kissmas Cookie CD. Dog. Owner: J Baserga & J Milburn & A Milburn.

99 1:56:23


Toryglen Morning Star Pirate CD. SN888311/07. 12/21/2001. Breeder: Melinda Boueque. By Mainsails Racing The Wind - Toryglen Yukon Golden Dreams. Dog. Owner: Michele Castonguay & Dianne McDonough.



Lissany Hyvals Promises Time. SN741695/06. 5/05/2000. Breeder: Selma Cutter, Jeannette Gould, Edward Cutter. By Ch Tricon's Texas Star At Wexford - Sunnybrae's Waltz To Lissany. Dog. Owner: Cindy Besaw & Paula LaVallee & Selma Cutter.

93 2:06:78


Our Golden Reflection CD. SN901514/01. 2/27/2002. Breeder: Jean Fraser. By Thistle Croft Dealers Choice - Toryglen MacLeod. Dog. Owner: Victor Testa & Jacqueline Testa.

94 2:01:25


Goldenpaw Just Wild About Harry CD. SN829706/08. 4/07/2001. Breeder: Leslie J Oliver. By Ch Tairis A Touch Of Magic CDX - Tashel Tairis Olivianite CDX. Dog. Owner: Nancy H Aldrich & Elizabeth S Lyons.

1+ 100 1:24:31


Golden Pond Merry Days. SR062764/06. 3/14/2003. Breeder: Sharon & Peter Farnum. By Golden Pond Can You B'Leaveit - Toryglen A Rose Among Thorns. Bitch. Owner: Denise Kohler & Diane Kohler.

98 1:41:76


Jack Is A Taz Too CDX TD. ILP86832. 3/02/97. By Malleto Elijah Sundo - Golden Brandy Land. Dog. Owner: Debra Barrows & William Barrows.

97 1:44:64


Rookery's NFL Blackout CDX AX AXP AXJ AJP. SN454597/01. 6/05/97. Breeder: M Frances Butler-Lappin. By Edgehill Priority Mail - Twin-Beau-D Calamity Jane CD. Bitch. Owner: Fran Lappin & C Weeks, M Lappin, C Harris.

95 1:34:81


Elysian's The Duck Stops Here TDX NA NAJ. SN859743/04. 8/09/2001. Breeder: Jeanne & Hans Von Barby. By Ch Goldstorm Moving Force - Ch Elysian's Reinin The Parade UD TD SH. Bitch. Owner: Jeffrey Hullstrung & Noreen Sila & Jeanne Von Barby.

85 2:05:27


Ch Edgehill Total Eclipse CD JH NAP. SN574668/03. 7/22/98. Breeder: Christina M Weeks. By Ch Briarwood Lightning Strikes - Ch Edgehill Rich & Famous. Bitch. Owner: Noreen Sila & Jeffrey Hullstrung.

91 2:03:62


Jaebear Thief In The Night CD NAP NAJP AX. SN575669/01. 6/28/98. Breeder: Laurie E Tinti. By Ch Edgehill To Catch A Thief - Nautilus Silver Fox. Bitch. Owner: Laurie E Tinti.

4 99 1:37:76





Score 100 1:24:31



Score 100 1:26:86



Score 99 1:31:23



Score 99 1:37:76


Rally Advanced B Obedience.

2 88 1:55:33


OTCH MACH Calliope's Singular Sensation VCD2. SN371291/01. 4/04/96. Breeder: Patricia Lindquist. By Ch Fame Honor's I've Got Pizazz UDX TDX JH - OTCH Cherdon's Golden Calliope UDX TD JH MX A. Dog. Owner: Patricia Lindquist.

1 99 1:46:27


Toryglen Morning Star Day Dream UD RN. SN888311/01. 12/21/2001. Breeder: Melinda Bourque. By Mainsail's Racing The Wind - Toryglen Yukon Golden Dreams CD. Bitch. Owner: Dianne McDonough & Michele Castonquay.



Score 96 1:46:27



Score 88 1:55:33