RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).  Veteran Dogs, 8-10 Yrs.



Edgecombe's Leeward Coast. SN300573/03. 11/20/95. Breeder: J Provenzano. By Ch Cameo's Countenance Of Courage - Edgecombe's Hampton Haze. Owner:  Janice M Provenzano.



Ch Eldorado's Don't Cha Just Luv Me. SN493220/06. 9/06/97. Breeder: Chris Browning. By Ch Goodtimes Best Case Scenario JH CD - Ch Eldorado's Luv T Tumble. Owner:  Chris  Browning  & C T Giese.



Ch Iron Gate Corporate Benefit. SN400233/07. 12/01/96. Breeder: Marilou & Al Cook & Mary Koenig. By Ch Twin-Beau-D's Montego Bay - Iron Gate Magic Crystal. Owner:  Marilou  Cook  & Al Cook & Maureen & Pat Cox. (Diana Mason, Agent).



Manor's Forever In Style CD RN. SN473701/04. 8/13/97. Breeder: Brenda Radcliffe & Ed Blakemore. By Ch Cherren's On The Road Again CD - Ch Honor's Bunny Hop CD OA. Owner:  Caroline  Kaplonski  & Brenda Radcliffe.



Ch Mariner Icy Autumn Wind JH. SN458615/02. 6/30/97. Breeder: Jonathan C & Kathleen E Chase. By Ch Wind Dance RC Ithaca Autumns - Mariner Deck The Halls By Tempo. Owner:  Jonathan  Chase  & Kathleen Chase.


RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).  Veteran Dogs, 10 Yrs & Older.



Ch Bargello's Hunt Em' Up. SN186604/03. 7/25/94. Breeder: Barbara Tinker. By Ch Pebwin Excel CD - Bargello's Pebble On The Beach. Owner:  Gregory S Wessel.



Ch Alea Sanman My Only Brutus CD. SN093877/02. 6/29/93. Breeder: Leah A Walcoff. By Ch Belgold The Cotton Bowl - Alea Sanmann Nauty Marietta. Owner:  Kathryn B Bullock  & Gregory Wessel.


RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).  Veteran Bitches, 8-10 Yrs.



Ch Edgecombe's Wind Dancer. SN460214/01. 7/08/97. Breeder: Janice Provenzano. By Ch Gemstar's Indigo Blue - Edgecombe's Northern Lights CDX. Owner:  Mary Jane  Malko.



Ch Goldenway's Lucky Penny. SN431732/03. 3/12/97. Breeder: Karen & David Shaw. By Ch Heatherhill's Fire and Ice - Goldenways What A Surprise. Owner:  Beryl  Scaggs  & Anthony Scaggs. (Pamela Desrosiers, Agent).


RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).  Veteran Bitches, 10 Yrs & Older.



Westmont's Daisy Mae. SN181010/03. 7/16/94. Breeder: Deborah Joy Windahl & Howard Falberg. By Ch Calicos Challenge Of Vanreel - Westmont's Tanya. Owner:  Catherine  Meddaugh.



Ch Iron Gate Abracadabra. SN135037/01. 2/08/94. Breeder: Marilou & Al Cook. By Ch Faera's Future Classic - Ch Twin-Beau-D's Chardonnay Magic. Owner:  Marilou  Cook  & Al Cook. (Diana Mason, Agent).



Ch Hillock's Mercedes. SN170095/01. 6/08/94. Breeder: Tammy Tomlinson. By Tangleloft Hillock's Melborne - Hillock's Curtin Call. Owner:  Tammy  Tomlinson  & Holly Shumar.



Merritt's Mischief Maker CD RN OA AXJ NAP. SN277905/02. 8/13/95. Breeder: Joan Holden. By Ch Briarwood Lightning Strikes - Ch Honeysuckle Gold Rush. Owner:  Kim  Watson.



Wingmaster Winsm Morningstar CDX MH. SN247878/04. 4/07/95. Breeder: Helene Friedwald. By Ch Jazzmin Pebwin Xtravaganz - OTCH Wingmaster's Autumn Daybreak UDX JH. Owner:  Dennis  McConnell.


RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).  Hunting Retriever Bitches.



Morningstar American Beauty SH. SN906122/01. 3/13/2002. Breeder: Dennis McConnell. By Comstock's Steelcity Superman MH - Wingmaster Winsm Morningstar MH CDX. Owner:  Ginnie  Pastor.





Ch Charms Toast'N Cin'Amonbear. SN596617/08. 11/22/98. Breeder: Virginia Boyle & Jennifer Boyle. By Ch Charms Toast N' Denewbear CD - Ch Charms Simply Irresistable. Owner:  Jennifer  Boyle  & Virginia Boyle.



Ch Sunbeam's Private Party. SN824669/01. 12/13/2000. Breeder: Cathie & William Turner & Caroline McCormick. By Ch Sunbeams Command Performance - Goldenbear Go-Wing Wild At Sunbeam. Owner:  R Ann  Johnson  & Anthony Coda.





Ch Clarkcreek Isabella Growlsellini. SN771893/01. 7/20/2000. Breeder: Melissa & Stephen Johnston. By Ch Pacificgold's The Dance - Hytree Winter Storm Warning. Owner:  Melissa  Johnston  & Stephen Johnston.