RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).  Puppy Dogs, 6-9 Mos.



Solid Gold's Klose N Time. SR245811/03. 1/11/2005. Breeder: Mike Daly. By Ch Paddington's Little Man Tait - Bassharbor's Happy Camper. Owner:  Mike  Daly.



Mariah-Hillock Mag'cl Mystery Tur. SR25714/01. 3/03/2005. Breeder: Tammy Thomlinson & Leslie Blythe & M Wilkerson. By Ch Hillock's Meredreme Kazam - Ch Redog's N'Mariah's Tickled Pink. Owner:  Tammy  Tomlinson  & Leslie Blythe.



Woodlyn's Sleeps W'da Fishes. SR244042/01. 2/15/2005. Breeder: Evelynne Riley & Charles Riley. By Ch Deeprivers Hi Roller - Ch Charpe's Em I Lil' Dickens. Owner:  Evelynne  Riley  & Charles Riley.



Skara Braes Tequila Sunrise. SR244920/06. 2/06/2005. Breeder: Sherrie Grober. By Gosling's Crossroads - Gosling's Jazzy Jesse. Owner:  Sherrie  Grober  & Kathleen Koester.



Honeybear's 007 At Online. SR271507/01. 2/08/2005. Breeder: Cynthia Kramer & Kelly Shuffelbottom. By Ch Golden Pine Osprey Cuervo Gold - Ch Hillock She's Got A Way. Owner:  Sandy  Selander  & Kelly Shuffelbottom.



CompassRose My Favorite Year. SR235925/03. 1/11/2005. Breeder: Owen & Ellen McKenna. By Madison's Stack The Deck - CompassRose Tayke The A-Train. Owner:  Owen  McKenna  & Ellen McKenna. (Diana Mason, Agent).


RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).  Puppy Dogs, 9-12 Mos.



Hillock's Field Of Dreams. SR239613/04. 12/29/2004. Breeder: T Tomlinson, C Miklos, Rbt & Grace Samios. By Ch Hillock's Double Trouble II - Hillocks Get Shorty OAP OJP. Owner:  Lu Ann  Bicevskis.



Twin-Beau-D's The Apprentice. SR234166/01. 1/06/2005. Breeder: Nancy Dallaire. By Ch Nautilus Joe Millionaire - Twin-Beau-D's J-Lo. Owner:  Nancy  Dallaire.



Kilohana's Cupid At SunKissed. SR226679/01. 12/20/2004. Breeder: Paul Silva & Marilyn Brown. By Ch Evergreen's Mountain Sunset - Glenwan's Kilohana Pop The Cork. Owner:  Kara  Wetherby. (Diana Mason, Agent).



Gold Love My Buddy Bubba. SR227991/03. 10/26/2004. Breeder: Jacqueline Wagner. By Ch Sunbeam's Private Party - Ch Gold Love's LoLa Bunny. Owner:  Cindy  Golembuski  & William Golembuski.



Pennylane Win For The Gipper. SR218717/02. 11/17/2004. Breeder: Beryl & Anthony Scaggs. By Waynewood's Classic Gold - PennylaneYankeeCenterFieldStar. Owner:  Patricia  Noxon  & Dan Noxon. (Pamela Desrosiers, Agent).



Aubridge Political Faux. SR224737/03. 11/24/2004. Breeder: Robin Baker. By Ch Aspenglo Catch Me If You Can - Ch Aubridge Garden Angel. Owner:  Scott  Discount  & Seann Coffee.



Kalm Seas Kalomar Case Closed. SR235230/02. 1/06/2005. Breeder: Susan Robins. By Ch TangleLoft Endless Love CD - Kalm Seas Charlotte Russe. Owner:  Lois  Kallish  & Martin Kallish.



AG-Golden Age Edipo Rey. SR245143/01. 11/29/2004. Breeder: Adriana Gaitan. By AG-Golden Age Robin Williams - Namblia's MNM. Owner:  Patricia  Noxon  & Dan Noxon. (Greg Wessel, Agent).



Pebwin Brookmont's U.S. Marshal. SR223501/01. 12/12/2004. Breeder: Berna Hart Welch. By Ch Pebwin XPDNC - Pebwin Vatersay Bay. Owner:  Peggy  Hurley.



Wochica's The Replacements. SR224106/02. 11/22/2004. Breeder: Karin Fisher. By Ch My Transatlantic Flight - Bearhill Wochica Affirmative. Owner:  Martha  Dole-Rietta  & Karin Fisher & Troy Rietta.


RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).  Dogs, 12-18 Mos.



Amberglo Spontaneous'Combustion. SR187203/02. 7/09/2004. Breeder: Karen B Fennikoh. By Ch Lycinan's Big Bang CD - Ch Amberglo Devil In'A Blu Dress. Owner:  Bonnie  Goldberg-Rubin. (Karen Fennikoh, Agent).



GoodSports How You Doin'?. SR181253/01. 4/28/2004. Breeder: Maureen A Cox & Marcia Seifert. By Ch Daybreak Varsity Jump - Starquest Bchwd Central Park. Owner:  Maureen A Cox  & Patrick J Cox. (Pamela Desrosiers, Agent).



Goodtime's Serendipity. SR206878/01. 9/21/2005. Breeder: Lisa Smith. By Anthem-N-Goodtime's Bronx Bomber - Goodtime's April In Paris. Owner:  Lisa  Smith.



Gold Loves The Next Generation. SR209309/01. 8/18/2004. Breeder: Jacqueline Wagner. By Gold Loves Law And Order - Gold Loves Against The Wind. Owner:  Jacqueline  Wagner.



Artemis Native American. SR191933/01. 7/04/2004. Breeder: Jon Freid & Diana Freid. By Ch Irongate Corporate Benefit - Artemis Mountain Laurel. Owner:  Jon  Freid  & Diana Freid.



Windmere's Trademark. SR193795/01. 7/24/2004. Breeder: Mary Jane Malko. By Edgecombe's Medieval Spirits - Ch Edgecombe's Wind Dancer. Owner:  Mary Jane  Malko. (Samantha Fynan, Agent).



Codokas Ring Master. SR200440/01. 6/17/2004. Breeder: Douglas & Karen Coulter. By Sir Duke Of Edelweiss - Asterling's Paper Trail CD RN. Owner:  Douglas  Coulter  & Karen Coulter.



GoodSports Chock Full O' Nuts. SR181253/02. 4/28/2004. Breeder: Maureen A Cox & Marcia Seifert. By Ch Daybreak Varsity Jump - Starquest Bchwd Central Perk. Owner:  Maureen A Cox  & Patrick J Cox.



Eldorado's Adironack Timberline. SR206658/02. 9/10/2004. Breeder: Christine Browning. By Ch Lycinan's Sweet William CDX TD - Eldorado's For Your Eyes Only. Owner:  Debbie  Eib  & Chris Browning.





SaJo's Mighty Moe. SR081924/01. 4/05/2003. Breeder: J D Messenger. By Flying High - Jef-Dal M's Princess HonBuns. Owner:  S  Edwards.


RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).  Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.



Charms One For The Money. SR076284/01. 4/21/2003. Breeder: Steve Mantz & Jennifer Boyle & Virginia Boyle. By Ch Charms Jazz's Jokers Wild CD - Ch Charms I'm A Pepper Too. Owner:  Jennifer  Boyle  & Grant & Virginia Boyle.



Twin-Beau-D's Call Me Sir. SR094832/01. 7/22/2003. Breeder: Nancy Dallaire. By Ch Tangleloft Endless Love - Twin-Beau-D's Top Notch. Owner:  Nancy  Dallaire.



Clarkcreeks Force Of Nature. SR164433/02. 2/16/2004. Breeder: Melissa & Stephen Johnston. By Ch Goldstorm's Moving Force - Ch Clarkcreek Isabella Growlselini. Owner:  Stephen  Johnston  & Melissa Johnston.



Edgecombe's Medieval Spirits. SR003653/01. 2/17/2002. Breeder: Janice Provenzano. By Ch Clarkcreeks Who's On First - Edgecombe's Be Advised. Owner:  Janice  Provenzano.



LazyDaze Wild Goose Chase. SR075517/02. 3/19/2003. Breeder: Kathleen A Doyle. By Ch LazyDaze Wild Wild West - LazyDaze Pedal To The Metal. Owner:  Kathleen  Doyle-Winslow  & David Winslow.


RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).  American Bred Dogs.



Gold Love's Apache Sunrise. SR056294/06. 11/15/2002. Breeder: Jackie Wagner. By Gold Love Subway Series - Gold Loves Buttons And Bows. Owner:  Joan  Kiely.



Lycinan's Buffalo Bill. SR079250/03. 4/28/2003. Breeder: Cynthia Williamson. By Ch Summit's Truck'n Eldorado CD - Ch Lycinan March Madness CDX. Owner:  Susan  Bachley.



Moonglow's Fool On The Hill. SR070517/02. 4/01/2003. Breeder: Helen L Biale. By Ch Snowshoe's Enchanted Star - Ch Whipaly's Thanks A Jillian. Owner:  Rose  Mentasti.



Moongates Laird O'The Moors. SR134724/07. 11/27/2003. Breeder: Edward & Diane Coyle. By Ch My Sky Watcher - Ch Edgecombe's Sirens Song. Owner:  Diane  Coyle  & Edward Coyle.



Klasic Nicklaus By Design. SR158547/01. 3/23/2004. Breeder: Kathleen Pratt & Susan C Sharpe. By Ch Charms Toast'n Cin'amon Bear - Ch Charpes Klasic Bit O Bubbly. Owner:  Karrol  Kowitz  & Ronald Kowitz.



Charms Lover In Every Port. SR021867/02. 5/03/2002. Breeder: Virginia A Boyle & Susan C Sharpe. By Ch Charms Toast'N Cin'Amonbear - Charms Hearts'R Wild'N TipsyToo. Owner:  Vivian B Picek.





Klasic Toast Of The Town. SR046011/05. 11/28/2002. Breeder: Kathleen Pratt & Susan C Sharpe. By Ch Charms Toast'n Cin'amonbear - Ch Charpe's Klasic Bit O'Bubbly. Owner:  Martha  Schneider  & Kathleen Pratt.



Valentine's Jack Of Hearts. SR042593/03. 9/19/2002. Breeder: Elizabeth M O'Brien & Kathleen A Doyle. By Ch Daybreak Varsity Peacekeeper - Lazydaze It's A Good Thing. Owner:  Rob  Brigham  & Nancy Brigham. (Lisa M Gallizzo, Agent).



Charms Furs A Fly'N. SR036947/03. 10/17/2002. Breeder: Virginia Boyle & Jennifer Boyle. By Ch Charms Toast'N Cin'amonbear - Ch Charms Joker's Deal'N Diamonds. Owner:  Amy C Taylor.



Amberglo's Hi Flyin Fire Fly. SN838200/02. 5/12/2001. Breeder: Karen B Fennikoh. By Amberglo's El Caribe - Ch Amberglo Devil In A Blu Dress. Owner:  Bonnie  Goldberg-Rubin. (Karen Fennikoh, Agent).



Tarameg Boot Scootn Boogie. SR007355/01. 11/12/2001. Breeder: Janice & Joel Reightler. By Ch Nautilus King Of The Jungle - Tarameg's Go Carmen Go. Owner:  Ed  Bicevskis  & Lu Ann Bicevskis.



Charms Diamonds Tux'n Tails. SR036947/02. 10/17/2002. Breeder: Virginia Boyle. By Ch Charms Toast'n Cin'amonbear - Ch Charms Joker's Deal'n Diamonds. Owner:  Virginia  Boyle  & Jennifer Boyle.



Sweetlea's Follow Me. SR159551/07. 2/29/2004. Breeder: Susan Lee. By Ch Woodlyn's Jacks R Better - Sweet Sara Lee III. Owner:  Susan  Lee  & Robert Lee.



LazyDaze Designer Genes. SR090917/01. 6/03/2003. Breeder: Maureen A Cox & Kathleen A Doyle. By Ch Yukon's Road House - Ch Cloverdale Lazy Daze Just Desserts. Owner:  Maureen A Cox  & Kathleen A Doyle. (Pamela Desrosiers, Agent).



Westmarch Look Up Amazing Grace. SN884945/08. 12/02/2001. Breeder: Judy Super & Paula Ellis. By Ch Bravo's Old Spice - Ch MACH Westmarch Just One Look CDX. Owner:  Alfred  Cheaure  & Patricia Cheaure. (Pamela Desrosiers, Agent).



Gold Loves Law And Order. SR081288/01. 1/11/2003. Breeder: Jackie Wagner. By Gold Loves Subway Series - Ch Gold Loves Lola Bunny. Owner:  Jacqueline  Wagner.



Mariner Corvette Stingray. SN901762/02. 2/20/2002. Breeder: Jon Chase & Kathy Chase. By Ch Chuckanut's Brasstime - Ch Mariner Lil Sister By Tempo. Owner:  Les  Sabo  & Laurie Doumaux.



Edgecombe HH Cote D'Or. SR087458/03. 5/28/2003. Breeder: Janice Provenzano. By Ch My Sky Watcher - Edgecombe's Carolina Wren. Owner:  Jan Christelman  Hill  & William E Hill. (Karin Fisher, Agent).



Anthem-N-Goodtime's Bronx Bomber. SR090181/02. 5/22/2003. Breeder: Paul & Donna Ernst. By Ch Goodtime's Best Case Scenario CD JH - Ch Goodtime In Manhattan. Owner:  Lisa  Smith  & Arlene Bergsen.



Iron Gate Valentia Irish Charm. SN928453/01. 10/18/2002. Breeder: Claire & Edward Burchfield. By Ch Stonecrest's Secret Stash - Iron Gate Red Hot Valentia. Owner:  Marilou  Cook  & Claire Burchfield. (Diana Mason, Agent).



Clarkcreek's Mini Me. SR091118/05. 7/07/2003. Breeder: Melissa & Stephen Johnston. By Ch Clarkcreek Int'l Man Of Mystery - Clarkcreek Thistle N' Shamrock. Owner:  Melissa  Johnston  & Stephen Johnston.



Charpe's Klasic Toast'n D'Wiseguy. SR101853/02. 7/31/2003. Breeder: Kathleen Pratt & Susan C Sharpe. By Ch Charms Toast'n Cin'amonbear - Ch Charpe's Klasic Bit O'Bubbly. Owner:  Susan C Sharpe  & Alex Sharpe.



Northern Lights Of Darby. SR023806/03. 2/25/2002. Breeder: Kevin Overy. By Goldenway's Good As It Gets - Caymewn's Breaking Northern Lights. Owner:  Pat  Noxon  & Dan Noxon. (Howard Huber Jr, Agent).



Nautilus Back To The Future. SR101388/04. 6/03/2003. Breeder: Julie MacKinnon & Ann Rowe. By Ch Nautilus Magic Diamond - Nautilus Magic Just Do It. Owner:  Kathleen  Doyle-Winslow  & Julie MacKinnon.



Eagles Wings Legacy Of Leeds. SN807179/02. 1/14/2001. Breeder: Nancy Horneff. By Edgecombe's Leeward Coast - Dixie Rose Nylund. Owner:  Linda D Heslin.



Tangleloft Old Glory At Heart. SN914168/06. 6/14/2002. Breeder: Donna Barkman & Sandra Dunn. By Ch Tangleloft Salem Cross - Ch Tangleloft Breach Of Peace. Owner:  Myles  Schnitman.



Edgecombe's Gaelic Haymaker. SN626185/01. 3/16/99. Breeder: Janice Provenzano. By Ch Twin-Beau-D's Peterbuilt - Edgecombe's Hampton Haze. Owner:  Janice  Provenzano.



North Star Pebwin Crossroads JH. SN864246/08. 7/25/2001. Breeder: Kathleen Duhnoski & Carolyn Fuhrer. By Ch Landmark Pebwin Fast Track CD JH - Pioneer's Grand Finale CDX TDX OA OAJ VCD2. Owner:  Berna Hart  Welch.

R 2


Gosling's Crossroads. SN891012/03. 1/05/2002. Breeder: Kay Gosling. By Ch Justmoor Believe In Me - Ch Gosling's Itsa Wondrful Life. Owner:  Kay  Gosling. (Greg Wessel, Agent).



Nautilus Everybody Loves Raymond. SR195853/01. 3/13/2004. Breeder: Julie A MacKinnon. By Ch Nautilus Little Red Corvette - Nautilus Kiss From A Rose. Owner:  Julie A MacKinnon.

BW W 1


Wochica's Pot Of Gold. SR031371/03. 8/13/2002. Breeder: Karin Fisher. By Ch Pebwin Xpdnc - Wochica's Stirring The Pot. Owner:  Cindy  Groveman  & Janet L Bunce.



Genesis Wake The Dead. SR033712/08. 9/26/2002. Breeder: Teresa Blumberg. By Ch Lycinan's Big Bang CD - Ch Gi-Ki's Runnin Wild At Genesis. Owner:  Teresa  Blumberg.



Ambika's Don Bosco Ironman CD. SN788943/09. 11/08/2000. Breeder: Henry Hahn & Julie Hahn. By Ch Gowrielea's Show Off - Viking Princess Gold-Keeper UD JH. Owner:  Debora  Flinn.



Hyline's Fly Me To The Moon. SR134474/02. 12/18/2003. Breeder: Amanda Dorner. By Ch Evergreen's Blue Angel - Ch Hyline Kalm Sea's Ascott Legend. Owner:  Pamela J Dyer.



Bonacres Boogie Express TD. SR070563/01. 4/07/2003. Breeder: Fred Konrad & Brigitte Konrad. By Ch Hillock’s Meredreme’s Kazaam – Bonacres Ingrid Bergman. Owner:  Sharon & Clayton Kilrain.


Winners Dog