RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).  Best of Breed.



Ch Amberglo's Heart-to-Heart. SN845346/01. 6/24/2001. Breeder: Karen B Fennikoh. By Amberglo's El Caribe - Amberglo's Heart Will Go On. Bitch. Owner:  Karen B Fennikoh.



Ch Charm's Bear Elegance. SR021867/08. 5/03/2002. Breeder: Susan C Sharpe & Virginia A Boyle. By Ch Charms Toast'n Cin'amon Bear - Charms Hearts'r Wild'n Tipsy Too. Bitch. Owner:  Theresa  Young  & William Young Jr & Virginia A Boyle.



Charms Diamonds'R Furever. SR036947/01. 10/17/2002. Breeder: Virginia Boyle. By Ch Charms Toast'n Cin'amonbear - Ch Charms Jokers Deal'n Diamonds. Bitch. Owner:  Virginia  Boyle.



Ch Clarkcreek Isabella Growlsellini. SN771893/01. 7/20/2000. Breeder: Melissa & Stephen Johnston. By Ch Pacificgold's The Dance - Hytree Winter Storm Warning. Bitch. Owner:  Melissa  Johnston  & Stephen Johnston.



Hillock's All-Star Survivor. SR207908/03. 5/10/2004. Breeder: Cynthia D Kramer & Kelly Shuffelbottom. By Ch Hillock's Meredreme's Kazaam - Ch Hillock She's Got A Way. Bitch. Owner:  Tammy  Tomlinson.



Ch LazyDaze Full Court Press. SN898679/01. 11/12/2001. Breeder: Kathleen Doyle & Maureen Cox & Patrick Cox. By Ch Sheffield-Ducat's Spellbound - LazyDaze Ally Oop. Bitch. Owner:  Maureen A Cox  & Kathleen A Doyle. (Pamela Desrosiers, Agent).



Ch Eldorado's Tropical Paradise. SN774157/01. 9/19/2000. Breeder: Christine Browning. By Ch Summits Truck'n Eldorado CD - Ch Eldorado's Hot Streak. Bitch. Owner:  Chris  Browning.



Ch Gosling's Online King Of Swing. SR011335/06. 4/16/2002. Breeder: Kay Gosling & Patricia A Flanagan. By Ch Online's We Loveit On Ice - Ch Gosling's I'll Do It My Way. Dog. Owner:  Sandy  Selander. (Kelly Shuffelbottom, Agent).



Ch Sunbeam's Private Party. SN824669/01. 12/13/2000. Breeder: Cathie & William Turner & Caroline McCormick. By Ch Sunbeams Command Performance - Goldenbear Go-Wing Wild At Sunbeam. Dog. Owner:  R Ann  Johnson  & Anthony Coda.



Ch April Iron Gate Valentia Spirit. SN887628/01. 12/12/2001. Breeder: Phyllis Sode. By Ch Iron Gate Corporate Benefit - Faera's Headed For The Future. Dog. Owner:  Claire  Burchfield  & Edward Burchfield & Marylou & Al Cook. (Diana Mason, Agent).



Ch Yukon's Road House. SN881714/01. 11/07/2001. Breeder: Charlene S & John J Devens. By Ch Bravo's Old Spice - Ch Thornelea Yukon's Reba. Dog. Owner:  Charlene S Devens  & John J Devens. (Greg Wessel, Agent).



Ch Hillock's Double Trouble MH. SN796076/03. 11/28/2000. Breeder: Tammy Tomlinson. By Ch Landmark Pebwin Fast Track CD JH - Hillock's Elizabear Taylor. Dog. Owner:  Tammy  Tomlinson  & Grace West. (Howard Huber, Agent).



Ch Wochica's View From The Top. SN928335/01. 10/16/2002. Breeder: Janet Bunce. By Ch Irongate Corporate Benefit - Wochica's Point Of View. Dog. Owner:  Janet  Bunce  & Cindy Groveman.



Ch Wochica's My Wing And A Dare. SR115578/01. 3/31/2003. Breeder: Karin Fisher. By Ch My Wright Bros Flight One - Wochica's Me Myself And I. Bitch. Owner:  Karin  Fisher.



Ch Nautilus Joe Millionaire. SR082093/01. 12/04/2002. Breeder: Julie A MacKinnon. By Ch Nautilus Just A Gigolo - Nautilus Rolls Royce. Dog. Owner:  Julie A MacKinnon.



Ch Spungold's Kodiak Bear. SN706204/03. 12/18/99. Breeder: Jeanette S & Robert W Young. By Ch Charms Jazz's Joker's Wild CD - Ch Spungold's Holiday Surprise. Dog. Owner:  William  Young Jr  & Theresa L Young, Jeanette & Robert Young.



Ch Mariner No Alibi By Maplegrove JH. SN744481/02. 5/17/2000. Breeder: Michele & David Robillard. By Ch Mariner Icy Autumn Wind JH - Beacon Hill's Golden Sky. Dog. Owner:  Jonathan C Chase  & Kathleen E Chase.



Ch Bonacres Firstar Enterprise TD. SN885335/05. 11/19/2001. Breeder: Jane L Coen & Fred Konrad & Brigitte Konrad. By Ch Laurell’s Goin’ Great Guns – Ch Bonacres Legal Tender. Dog. Owner:  Sharon & Clayton Kilrain.


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