Ch Ventures Kellys Last Cast. SN515962/04. 1/15/98. Breeder: Terry Boyle. By Ch Nipntuck Arncha Bold - Coppertones Seminole Wind. Owner: Joan Koch.



Ch Chambrays Chisholm's Chancey. SN444334/01. 2/07/97. Breeder: V Sandy Herzon, Enrique & Marite Senra. By Ch Grandquest-Chambray Slapshot - Chambrays Summers Rebel Amber. Owner: Martha M Chisholm.



Sure Shot Hyspire Go Girl. SN499927/08. 11/29/97. Breeder: Debbie Leveque, Lisa DaRoss, Vonnie Russell, Judy D Heim. By Ch Raintree Slippery When Wet JH - Hyspire Sure Shot Way To Go. Owner: Janet C Rogers.



Ljutic Lane's Selka Girl. SN398475/04. 12/01/96. Breeder: Rebecca L Cook. By Guideline's Dusftown - Hennings Mill Perazzi Girl. Owner: Rebecca L Cook.


RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR). Hunting Retriever Bitches.



Ch Caer Bren Lois Lane JH. SN934253/02. 1/11/2003. Breeder: Jackie Mischou. By Dickendall Buckstone Superman JH - Caer Bren Louisa JH. Owner: Jackie Mischou.





Ch Cressmoor's Iron Oxen. SN747474/01. 5/17/2000. Breeder: LuAnn & Tim Curtis. By Epochs Edward Of Bonaventure - Honorbright Cressmoor Vixen. Owner: LuAnn Curtis & Tim Curtis.



Ch Hightide Bonaventure Cap'n Jack. SN901901/04. 1/05/2002. Breeder: D Drew. By Ch Bonaventure's Clipper - Gregoires Hightide Josie. Owner: Tom Shearer & Gail Shearer.



Ch Lubberline Martingale. SN776282/01. 9/06/2000. Breeder: Pauline A & Maurice Mortier. By Hunt Club Clayview Funny Bear - Ch Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib. Owner: Pauline A Mortier & Maurice Mortier.



Ch Caer Bren Granville. SR192313/01. 5/07/2004. Breeder: Jackie Mischou & Vicky Creamer. By Ch Rozzay Hunt Club Clayview Grady - Ch Caer Bren Water Lily. Owner: Jackie Mischou.



Ch Bellwether Progression JH. SR080596/01. 5/01/2003. Breeder: C Heidl, Tina Barks. By Ch Dickendall Davaron Gable - Tabatha's Sequel. Owner: T Barks. (Rusty Howard, Agent).



Ch Last Casts Natural Drift. SR026030/01. 7/23/2002. Breeder: Joan Koch. By Ch Pembroke Just Do It - Ch Ventures Kellys Last Cast. Owner: Joan Koch.



Ch Rozzay Hunt Club Clayview Grady. SR015466/01. 5/28/2002. Breeder: Mary Roseberry & T Moore. By Ch Dickendall Davaron Gable - Rozzay's Lila Lovelorn. Owner: Nancy Arbuckle & D Vollette.



Ch Grandquest Family Holiday. SR143416/02. 12/25/2003. Breeder: Jose & Michelle Granda. By Ch Grandquest Family Ties - Grandquest Jammin Jambooree. Owner: Jose Granda & Michelle Granda.



Ch Sundance's Blacice. SN626290/03. 1/01/99. Breeder: Debbie Darche DVM. By Rocheby Royal Navy - Ch Brookfield Sundance Lemonade JH. Owner: Jean M Hairston.



Ch Allegheny's Gem Of Caer Bren JH. SN495361/06. 10/27/97. Breeder: Jacqueline Mischou & Clare Senfield. By Ch Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH - Ch Allegheny's Crystal JH. Owner: Clare Senfield.



Sylvan Meadows Free Spirit. SN907920/02. 3/31/2002. Breeder: Carol A Conner. By Ch Sylvanmeadows Blackrock Bravo - Hennings Mill Mistress At Sylvan. Owner: Betty Baker.



Ch Banners Sea Lark. SR025799/01. 7/27/2002. Breeder: N Chargo & L Ziehm. By Ch Dickendall Davaron Gable - Ch Banners Sea Breeze. Owner: Nancy Chargo.



Ch Epoch's Bacardi Joe Banner. SR150295/01. 1/20/2004. Breeder: Cindy Skiba & Nancy Chargo. By Ch Banner's Muskelunge Buckeye - Ch Epoch's Rum Raisin The Banner. Owner: Cindy Skiba & Nancy Chargo.



Ch Wit's End Windfall Grace Kelly. SR061889/01. 1/06/2003. Breeder: Angela Ewald & Annie Cogo. By Ch Dickendall Davaron Gable - Ch Windfall Lubberline Regatta. Owner: Angela Ewald & Annie Cogo.



Ch Dovetails Walk Th' Walk. SN815115/01. 2/01/2001. Breeder: Frank R Holding & Lorri Isenhath. By Ch Vision's The Life Of Riley - Ch Dovetail Longwood Marigold. Owner: Frank R Holding & Lorrie Isenhath. (Janice Carruthers, Agent).



Ch Pinehaven's Onee Kiroshe. SN876930/01. 10/26/2001. Breeder: Linda A Wages. By Ch Cressmoor's Iron Oxen - Ch Wildwoods Katy Of Pinehaven. Owner: Linda A Wages.



Ch Surry's Brick In The Wall. SN742727/03. 5/20/2000. Breeder: Lynn Greskevitch. By Ch Langshot Gale Force From Kimvalley - Ch Castlewood's Whyaskwhy At Surry. Owner: Lynn A Greskevitch & E L Wenner & B Anthony. (Anthony Cantor, Agent).



Ch Ol‚. SR222970/01. 7/24/98. Breeder: Caroline De Mareschal. By Ithaque de Toul Diweon - Maya Du Gue De Reboursiere. Owner: Anne-Charlotte Dreyfus.



Ch Winterwinds Glen Plaid. SN778961/02. 10/06/2000. Breeder: Margaret Krohn. By Winterwinds Tartan Plaid - Ch Winterwinds Gaelic Twist. Owner: Vicky Creamer. (Rusty Howard, Agent).



Ch Blackwing Santee. SN894973/02. 1/12/2002. Breeder: Michael D & Lenore Hamilton. By Trendmaker's Tycoon - Blackwing Tally Ho. Owner: Michael D Hamilton & Lenore Hamilton.



Ch Hyspire Windfall Cookie Cutter. SR028622/08. 7/11/2002. Breeder: J Heim & V Russell & L DaRoss. By Ch Windfall's Pipe Major - Hyspire's Show Me The Cookie. Owner: Annie Cogo & Ron Cogo.



Ch Empress Bigsky's Blood & Guts. SN864703/01. 7/20/2001. Breeder: Carol Heidl & Dawn Nacey. By Tabatha's Brown Tuxedo - Ch Tabatha's Sizzle. Owner: Steven Kirschner

 & Shari Kirschner & Dawn Nacey.



Ch Eureka's Here Comes Trouble. SR053409/02. 1/28/2003. Breeder: Suzanne M Calvert. By Ch Seawind Sailor's Chanty - Allendale Eureka's Jewel. Owner: Suzanne Calvert & Steve Calvert.



Ch Hampshire's Back In Tyme. SR035279/05. 9/26/2002. Breeder: Tony Emilio. By Tonmar's Summer Shanley - Ch Stoneways Babbit Hill Bound. Owner: M E Pfeifle. (Karen Day, Agent).



Ch Maidstone Edlyn Itty Bitty. SR169426/05. 4/02/2004. Breeder: Diane McClurg & Kendall Herr & Faith Hyndman. By Trendmaker's Tycoon - Ch Dickendall Buckstone Lemonade CD. Owner: Candice Moore & Jayson Moore & Diane & Erin McClurg.



Ch Tabatha's Gala. SN910966/04. 3/12/2002. Breeder: Carol Heidl. By Ch Dickendall Daravon Gable - Ch Tabatha's Giggle. Owner: Carol Heidl.



Ch Chambrays Chisholm's Sir Lancelot. SR064265/02. 12/03/2002. Breeder: Martha M Chisholm & V Sandy Herzon. By Ch Little River Ophir's Calvin - Ch Chambrays Chisholm's Chancey. Owner: Martha M Chisholm & V Sandy Herzon.



Ch Tabatha's Pristine. SR131491/04. 6/22/2003. Breeder: Carol Heidl. By Ch Tabatha's Sport - Ch Tabatha's Pocket B. Owner: Carol Heidl.



Sheabourne's Day Dream Believer. SN910948/03. 2/20/2002. Breeder: Shannon & Earl Carlton & Carol Heidl. By Ch Tabatha's Hunterleigh Timber - Tabatha's Dreamin. Owner: Shannon Carlton & Earl Carlton.


Best of Breed


Best of Winners


Best of Opposite Sex

79 134 213 141 228    Awards of Merit 


Best Puppy


Best Bred By


Best Veteran





Centre Court Henry. SR102549/07. 8/11/2003. Breeder: Philip E Adkins. By Ch Windfall's Pipe Major - Ch Centre Court Shelby. Owner: Philip E Adkins. (Cathy Petery, Agent).





Fullmoons Watch Me Shine. SR225271/01. 12/10/2004. Breeder: Kaye C Stevenson. By Ch Gingerbred Lunar Eclispe JH - Oakdales Sassy Chassis. Owner: Kaye C Stevenson.



Ch Chambrays Chisholm's Chancey. SN444334/01. 2/07/97. Breeder: V Sandy Herzon, Enrique & Marite Senra. By Ch Grandquest-Chambray Slapshot - Chambrays Summers Rebel Amber. Owner: Martha M Chisholm.



Oakdale's Sassy Chassis. SN630536/01. 3/09/99. Breeder: Joyce Woods. By Carriage Hill's Wayward Sun - Oakdale Brookfield Augusette. Owner: Kaye C Stevenson.



Whisperwood Special Ocasion Pearls. SN773600/06. 8/28/2000. Breeder: Cheryl Little, D Wehrheim, P Putney. By Ch Langshott's Gale Force From Kimvalley - Special Ocasion Putwyn Tara Whisperwood. Owner: Cheryl Little & D Wehrheim.