Ch Streamline's Put'n On The Ritz. SN587460/04. 9/23/98. Breeder: Jeff & Renee Holt & Jeff Burgin. By Ch Showtime's Rolling Stone - Ch Birchwood's Garden Menagerie. Owner: Renee Holt & Jeff Holt & Jeff Burgin.



Ch Cerise's Sir Joshua. SN442976/05. 4/07/97. Breeder: Dorothy Cherry & Karen Paine. By Ch Southampton Jasmine Afirmed - Sierra's Femme Fatale. Owner: Dorothy Cherry. (Kathy Kirk, Agent).



Ch Hannan's Night Watch. SN548646/06. 5/18/98. Breeder: Karen Carrico & Brenda Sawyer. By Ch Kensington's Bounty - Ch Hannan's Starry Night. Owner: Emily Marie Carrico.



Ch Streamline's Hand Of Fate. SN282190/01. 9/16/95. Breeder: Jeff & Renee Holt. By Ch Tiffany's Hundred Proof - Ch Birchwood's Garden Menagerie. Owner: Renee Holt & Jeff Holt.



Ch Esspecial Madison Avenue. SN266055/02. 7/23/95. Breeder: Monica Collins & Robin Novack. By Ch Esspecial Once In A Blu Moon - Ch Tiffany's Elegant Image. Owner: Monica Bowers & Robin Novack.





Ch Tara's Double "D". SN636317/05. 12/30/98. Breeder: Janice M Spence. By Ch Telltale Eclipse - Ch Kingsrow Tara Raindance. Owner: Janice M Spence.



Ch KingsRow Tara Raindance. SN236930/08. 2/11/95. Breeder: Judy K Davis & Janice M Spence. By Ch Telltale Forecast - Ch Kingsrow Lakota. Owner: Janice M Spence.



Ch Wil-Orion's Unforgetable CD. SN170414/01. 6/29/94. Breeder: Laurie Miller & Janice Johnson. By Ch Cricket Hill Tiverton Tandem - Ch Wil-Orion's Elite Force NA. Owner: Lawrence Schuster.



Ch Crossroad Wil-Orion Emotion NA NAJ RN. SN505077/10. 12/17/97. Breeder: L Green, Janice Johnson, & Larry Schuster. By Ch Jockeyhill Crossroad Delaney - Ch Wil-Orion Unforgetable CD. Owner: Laurie Green & Dick Green.



Ch Keswicke Say No More MX MXJ. SN575084/03. 6/16/98. Breeder: Laurin Howard & Judy English. By Ch Serenade's Storm Warning - Ch Keswicke Legend In The Wind JH. Owner: Janet Olson & Beth Burgess.

OS 1


Ch Golden's Double Dutch Touch NA. SN286743/09. 9/29/95. Breeder: Trudy A Golden & Natalie Grossman. By Ch Canamer's Grand Symphony - Ch Quailwood's Tiger By-The-Tail. Owner: Dell King. (Laurin Howard, Agent).





Keswicke Bird In The Hand MH. SR086277/03. 12/13/2002. Breeder: Laurin Howard & Michelle Givens & Judy English. By Spiked Moon Pie MH - Ch Keswicke Seventh Heaven NAJ. Owner: Marilyn Burke & Laurin Howard.





Ch Wynmoor Rain Storm. SR074057/02. 2/15/2003. Breeder: Billie, Erin, Charlie Kerfoot. By Ch Telltale Voyager - Ch Wynmoor Kay'nDee Calista. Owner: Erin Kerfoot & Billie & Charlie Kerfoot.



Ch Tara's Master Of "D" Game. SR093745/05. 6/18/2003. Breeder: Janice M Spence & Deborah A Straw. By Ch Prize's Love Of The Game - Ch Tara's Double "D". Owner: Tina McDonnell & Janice M Spence & Deborah A Straw.



Ch Keswicke Georgian Xact Timing CD TD JH NA. SN781890/03. 6/25/2000. Breeder: Laurin Howard, Karen Foster, Judy English. By Ch Regent Comes A Time - Ch Keswicke Once Upon A Time. Owner: Karen L Foster.



Ch Maxwells Mansfield Park. SR024585/07. 6/23/2002. Breeder: Debra LH Maxwell & Jeff & Renee Holt. By Ch Wilorion's Eldamar Nightmoves - Ch Streamline'e Black Onyx. Owner: Debra Maxwell & Alton Maxwell. (Lori Dilorenzo, Agent).



Ch Wilorion Mcd's King Of Hearts CD NA NAJ. SR137450/09. 5/09/2002. Breeder: Janice L Johnson & Mary K McDonald. By Ch Wil-Orion's Heartbreaker - Ch Wil-Orion's Independence Day. Owner: Henry Tollison & Betty Ward Tollison.



Ch Pawmarc's Northern Lights. SR180052/01. 6/23/2004. Breeder: Pat Wilaby & Bobbie Daniel. By Ch Springbrook TagalongMyOwnMagic - Ch Pawmarc's Neon Highlights. Owner: Pat Wilaby & Bobbie Daniel.



Ch Suncoast Covert Operator. SN838881/03. 5/26/2001. Breeder: Kathie Milne. By Ch Salutaire's Brightwater Rookie - Ch Suncoast Under Cover. Owner: Kathie Milne & Nancy Siver. (Leslie Woodward, Agent).



Ch Kehre's Stealth Bomber. SR082318/01. 3/30/2003. Breeder: Rebecca Gear. By Ch Kensington's Bounty - Ch Kehre's Notorious NA NAJ. Owner: Vicki Arnold & Dennis Arnold & Rebecca Gear.



Ch Hannan's America. SN905094/05. 9/19/2001. Breeder: Karen Carrico & Brenda Sawyer. By Ch Kensington's Crucible - Ch Hannan's Starry Night. Owner: Karen Carrico.



South Court Calamity Jane. SN760029/01. 4/30/2000. Breeder: Trixie Schrimpf, Herb Marshall & Sandra Logan. By Ch Preferred Stock Flying Colors - South Court's Original Sin. Owner: Jane Griffin & Trudy Bond.



Ch Wil-Orion's Streamline Resolution. SR052674/02. 1/01/2003. Breeder: Janice Johnson & Julie Roberts. By Ch Streamline's Put'n On The Ritz - Ch Eldamar's Wil-Orion Trilogy. Owner: Jeff Holt & Renee Holt & Alaina Moulton.



Ch Keswicke Auto B Racin'. SN924543/03. 4/08/2002. Breeder: Laurin Howard & Suzanne Mathis & Ann Hammack. By Ch Serenade's Storm Front - Ch Keswicke Reckless Abandon. Owner: Carol Phillips & Tim Phillips & Laurin Howard.



Ch Seaview's Affair At The Ritz. SR128041/01. 11/17/2003. Breeder: Cathy Van Vorst. By Ch Streamline's Puttin' On The Ritz - Ch Serenity's Love Affair. Owner: Cathleen Van Vorst & Dave Van Vorst. (Howard Huber, Agent).



Ch Streamline's Lil Miss Magic. SN835075/02. 4/03/2001. Breeder: Jeff & Renee Holt & Debra Maxwell. By Ch Wil-Orions Eldamar Night Moves - Ch Streamlines Black Onyx. Owner: Linda Heiny & Kent Heiny & Jeff Holt & Renee Holt.



Ch Wil-Orion's Past, Present 'N Future. SR085407/02. 5/12/2003. Breeder: Dan Maley. By Ch Springbrook Tagalong My Own Magic - Ch Wil-Orion's Timeless. Owner: Janice L Johnson & Erica R Johnson.



Ch Wil-Orion's Bridgestone. SN637888/04. 4/14/99. Breeder: Janice L Johnson & Mary K McDonald. By Ch Gilchrist Tomahawk - Ch Wil-Orion's Eldamar Twilight. Owner: Janice L Johnson.



Ch Telltale Salute. SR008314/01. 2/18/2002. Breeder: Celie Florence & Dolores Streng. By Ch Telltale Free Style - Ch Telltale Coral Rock. Owner: Celie Florence & Dolores Streng & Robin Novack. (Robin Novack, Agent).



Ch Streamlines King Of Hearts. SR084469/08. 5/05/2003. Breeder: Jeff & Renee Holt. By Ch Wil-Orion's Steppingstone - Ch Streamlines Celebration. Owner: Kent Heiny & Linda Heiny.



Ch Foxboro Hi Jinks. SN004144/05. 1/26/2002. Breeder: Alexandra Feringa. By Ch Darteks Expedition - Ch Pembroke La Vida Loca. Owner: Robert Cutsinger. (Susan Still, Agent).



Ch Cerise Kay 'N Dee Return Of The King. SR127152/04. 7/11/2003. Breeder: Rosemary Fugit. By Ch Salilyn's Condor - Ch Cerise Jubilee Royale. Owner: Dorothy Cherry & Rosemary Fugit & Deb Kirk. (Howard Huber, Agent).



Ch Amilyn Fanfare. SR097617/02. 6/16/2003. Breeder: Gary & Patricia Sprague. By Ch Telltale Freestyle - Ch Esspecial Amilyn Sonata. Owner: Gary Sprague & Patricia Sprague. (Robin Novack, Agent).



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Ch Wil-Orion's Northern Exposure. SN820580/01. 2/22/2001. Breeder: Janice L Johnson. By Ch Ridgewyn's Legacy - Ch Wil-Orion's Eldamar Twilight. Owner: Janice Johnson & Erica R Johnson.