Best of Breed.

        29      Ch Deja Vu's Air Phare Miles. SN845752/01. 4/29/2001. Breeder: Alice Lipe Judah. By Ch Sunkota's Phorgone Conclusion - Deja Vu's Summers Eve. Dog. Owner: Alice Lipe Judah.

        42      Ch Cider Mills Walk In The Woods. SR031338/03. 8/01/2002. Breeder: Joanne Tulley. By Ch Nautilus Just A Gigilo - Cider Mill Class Act. Bitch. Owner: Joan Cleary.

        44      Ch Toasty's Hello Dolly. SN714003/01. 2/14/2000. Breeder: Pamela & Jerome Oxenberg. By Ch Toasty's Dust In The Wind II - Toasty's Love Song. Bitch. Owner: Pamela Oxenberg & Jerome Oxenberg.

A      83      Ch Verdoro Tanglewood Ice Pilot. SN724628/01. 1/29/2000. Breeder: Ann M Greenbank & Joanne Cava. By Ch Runnymede Indeed - Online Verdoro Ice On Fire. Dog. Owner: Ann M Greenbank & Joanne Cava.

A      85      Ch Ahwaga's Bow Priest. SN752346/01. 6/02/2000. Breeder: Michele & Brian Loy. By Ch Asterling's Unzipped - Ahwaga's Ghost Dance. Dog. Owner: Michele Loy & Brian Loy.

        87      Ch Gold Hills Trouble N The Makn. SN778858/10. 6/18/2000. Breeder: Kathy Holzheuer, SL Mudgett & C Cooper. By Ch Summit's High Voltage - Gold Hill Clr N Prsnt Danger. Dog. Owner: Amanda Bedell & K Holzheuer, C Lewicki & s Mudgett.

        89      Ch Happy Hour Highmark Toasty. SR072228/01. 1/07/2003. Breeder: Maura Phelan & Linda Willard. By Ch My Sky Watcher - Ch Highmark Torn Between Two Loves. Dog. Owner: Pamela Oxenberg & Jerome Oxenberg.

        91      Ch Caymen's Wish Upon A Star CD. SN621852/03. 2/03/99. Breeder: Scott & Sharon Wilson. By Ch Goodtime's Best Case Scenario JH - Ch Karagold's Race'N A Ruckus. Dog. Owner: Janis L Berie & Scott & Sharon Wilson & Pat Kelly.

        95      Ch JBG's Holy Guacamole. SN928714/04. 5/07/2001. Breeder: Dan & Dawn Daley. By Ch Rushhill's Watz Cook'n Good Look'n - Ch Fargolds Hot Tamale. Dog. Owner: Collette Jaynes & Maria Franklin & Dawn Daley.

        97      Ch Sunbeam's Seein's Believen. SN626319/02. 3/17/99. Breeder: Cathie & Bill Turner. By Ch Pebwin Making The Odds - Ch Sunbeam's Heaven Can Wait. Dog. Owner: Maria Franklin & Paul Franklin.

       109      Ch Laurell's Mingei. SN897535/01. 12/10/2001. Breeder: Laura Ellis Kling. By Ch Laurell's Michael Angel-O - Faera's Cracklin' Rosie. Dog. Owner: Laura Ellis Kling & Thomas Kling. (Mary Clegg, Agent).

A     120      Ch Carrera Especially Yours. SN815635/01. 2/08/2001. Breeder: Jan Draper & Beth Johnson. By Ch Rush Hill's Haagen-Dazs CDX JH OAJ AX - Ch Summits Carrera Dom Perignon. Bitch. Owner: Jan Draper.

A     124      Ch Goodtime's Sprite's Delight. SN928522/03. 10/03/2002. Breeder: Kathy L Smith. By Ch Legacy Standing Ovation - Ch Goodtime's Maine Squeeze. Bitch. Owner: Pat Kelly.

A     128      Ch Goodtime's Gatorade. SN928522/05. 10/03/2002. Breeder: Kathy Smith. By Ch Legacy's Standing Ovation - Ch Goodtime's Maine Squeeze. Bitch. Owner: Kathy Smith & Catherine McElroy. (Jane Meyers, Agent).

A    (134)     Ch Summits Carrera Dom Perignon. SN244035/01. 12/05/94. Breeder: Beth Johnson & Jeanette Ratajczak. By Ch Suntory Loveit A Cherrybrook - Ch Summits Shadow Dancer. Bitch. Owner: Jan Draper & Beth Johnson.

OS    135      Ch Nautilus Just A Gigalo. SN845824/03. 4/06/2001. Breeder: Julie A MacKinnon. By Pebwyn Expedience - Ch Nautilus Flirt In The Jaguar. Dog. Owner: Julie A MacKinnon.

       148      Ch LazyDaze Full Court Press. SN898679/01. 11/12/2001. Breeder: Kathy Doyle & Maureen Cox & Patrick Cox. By Ch Sheffield-Ducat's Spellbound - Ch LazyDaze Ally Oop. Bitch. Owner: Maureen A Cox & Kathleen A Doyle. (Mark Desrosiers, Agent).

       151      Ch Justmoor Terans Famous Amos. SR059519/01. 9/12/2002. Breeder: Marjorie Moore. By Ch Chuckanut Party Favour O Novel - Chuckanut Through The Looking Brass. Dog. Owner: Terry Nieder.

       171      Ch Goodtime's Clear The Decks. SN851733/02. 4/03/2001. Breeder: Kathy L Smith & Pat Kelly. By Ch Tangleloft Old Glory Alliance - Ch Goodtime's Mighty Aphrodite. Dog. Owner: Penny Forbes.

       173      Ch Summit's Mr Bojangles. SN571297/01. 7/10/98. Breeder: Beth Johnson. By Ch Golden Pine Dustrax Maverick CD TDX - Ch Summit's Shadow Dancer. Dog. Owner: Susan J Lusa & Beth Johnson & Alan R Klessig.

       180      Ch Gorca's Goldengael Denali. SR151809/16. 10/05/2003. Breeder: Patty Pace & Jeanny Candamo. By Ch Rush Hill's Winner Take All - Ch Gorca's Sandpipper Lucilla. Bitch. Owner: Jovannie Lynn Androy. (Vicente Zuniaga, Agent).

BB    196      Ch Golden Trip's One Kiss More. SR236708/01. 5/06/2003. Breeder: Marcos Nishikawa. By Nautilus Fox Mulder - Taylormaid Spring Fantasy. Bitch. Owner: Tiago Freitas. (Beth Johnson, Agent).

       200      Ch Carrera Daydream Believer. SN649581/02. 4/30/99. Breeder: Jan Draper & Beth Johnson. By Ch Granhill's A Kick In The Grass - Ch Summits Carrera Dom Perignon. Bitch. Owner: Jan Draper.


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