Sweepstakes, Veteran Dogs 6-8 Yrs.

2     (201)     Ch Oaklane's Star Dragon. Owner: Tim Hix & Vicki Hix & Nicki Camerra.

A     (203)     Ch Tamarack Loki At Ragnarok. Owner: Stephen Schramm.

      (205)     Ch Mellabee's Tigger Of The Willows CD TD. Owner: Elizabeth Kieffer & Heidi Calamito.

1     (207)     Ch High Country Have A Cigar. Owner: Paula Lange & John S Lange.

4     (209)     Kinsmen Dragon Of The Knight CD. Owner: Linda M Hayes.

3     (211)     Ch Oaklane I'm Nobody's Fool. Owner: Vicki Hix & Tim Hix & Nicki Camerra.


Sweepstakes, Veteran Dogs 8-10 Yrs.

1     (213)     Ch Spicewood's My Grandpa's Legacy. Owner: Bridget Edgell & Marlene Blethen.

3     (215)     Ch Omega's Eight Days A Week. Owner: Rose Talbott & Claudia Prete.

2     (217)     Ch Chittamwood's Kaiser Of The Mtn. Owner: Anne Heyob & Bob Heyob.

A     (221)     Ch DandyLion's Master Link. Owner: Shirley Carpenter.

A     (223)     Ch Pegasus South Paw Bear Rug. Owner: Andree Azzam & Pam McCune.


Sweepstakes, Veteran Dogs 10 Yrs & Older.

A     (225)     Ch Willowcreek Ferdinand CD. Owner: Heidi Smith DVM.


Sweepstakes, Veteran Bitches 6-8 Yrs.

A     (292)     Caledonia The Lion Sleeps Tonite. Owner: Michael Reid & Sharon Buske.

2     (294)     Ch Millenniums Anticipation. Owner: Tim Plezbert & Chris Jones.

      (296)     Ch Iron Hills Tazmanyn Shedevil. Owner: Monique Molgat.

3     (300)     Ch Master's Miss Nap. Owner: Shirley Carpenter.

      (302)     Willows Lady Is A Tramp. Owner: Diana K Whealon.

      (304)     Ch Hotlanta's Jimdandy Jordan. Owner: Gay Jordan & Linda Hutchens.

A     (306)     Ch Ironclad's Ironhill Ivana. Owner: Nancy Walker & Mary Alexander & Jennifer Reid.

A     (308)     Ch Pegasus Country Charismatic. Owner: Pam McCune.

1     (310)     Ch Foxglove Spirit Of Eldorado. Owner: Holly Scott.

4     (314)     Ch Millenniums All Systems Go. Owner: Tim Plezbert & Chris Jones.

      (316)     Ch Baskerville's Rocky's Legacy. Owner: Bela Fulop.

      (318)     Castlemist Milady Maisy. Owner: Elizabeth Nichols & Scott Nichols.


Sweepstakes, Veteran Bitches 8-10 Yrs.

A     (320)     Ch Oaklane's Image Of Dale. Owner: Vicki Hix & Tim Hix & Nicki Camerra.

2     (322)     Ch Pegasus Country Silver Charm. Owner: Pam McCune.

3     (326)     Ch Hahne's Omega Hasty Pudd'n. Owner: C Prete & M Prete & B & C Hahne.

      (328)     Ch Nittany's Sweet Child O' Mine CD OAP OJP. Owner: Dennis A Ludwig & Kirsten I Ludwig.

4     (330)     Sillar's Amadon Abigail. Owner: Elizabeth Nichols.

1     (332)     Ch B-N-B's Bodacious Diva. Owner: Bridget Edgell.

      (334)     Ch Windy Mt Wings Of An Angel. Owner: Denise Hyer.

A     (336)     Banyon's Charlene. Owner: Chanie Grieve.

A     (428)     Viking's Born Free Elsa. Owner: Lorraine Gaul & Dick Gaul.


Sweepstakes, Veteran Bitches 10 Yrs & Older.

2     (338)     Ch Sheba Speaker Of The House. Owner: Linda L Henson & David Henson.

1     (340)     Ch RR Lady Christine. Owner: Tim Plezbert & Chris Jones.

3     (342)     Lady Brandi Alexanderia. Owner: Linda Henson & David Henson.

A     (434)     Oaklane's Mystical Angel. Owner: Vicki Hix & Tim Hix.


207       Best Veteran Dog

340       Best Veteran Bitch

207       Best In Veteran Sweepstakes