Sweepstakes, Dogs, 6-9 Mos.

        (7)     Rydalmount Madrygal's Cedrych. Owner: Judi Ropes & Fred Ropes & Dave & Audree Hussey.

2       (9)     Southports Odin. Owner: Carla Sanchez & Joe Sanchez.

       (11)     Prairie Buffalo Nation. Owner: Myra Nelson & Rick Cisneros.

       (13)     Rydalmount's Jeremiah. Owner: Gloria Cuthbert & Charles Cuthbert.

       (15)     Rydalmount's Dancing To Glory. Owner: Nancy Whobrey & Ed Whobrey.

       (17)     Kinsmen's Sharp As A Razor. Owner: Birgit Mantilla.

       (19)     Pegasus Country Stary Night. Owner: Jeremy Kruer & Meredith Kruer.

A      (21)     Eastwinds Semper Fi Forties Et Fidus. Owner: Joshua Speight.

A      (23)     Southports Millhous. Owner: Carla Sanchez & Joe Sanchez.

       (25)     Sherwood's Buckeye Of Hartland. Owner: Sherry Colby.

       (27)     Rydalmounts Ezra Of Bryn Mawr. Owner: Cynthia C Hollar.

3      (29)     Mtnside Sthland Lord Of The Ring. Owner: Kim Cooley & David Cooley.

       (31)     McArthur's Maxamillion. Owner: Tammie McArthur & Michael Hoffman.

       (33)     Sherwood's Kickin Ash. Owner: Sherry Colby & Christina Rockwell.

       (35)     Brimstone Vin Diesel On Fire. Owner: Jodi LaBombard & Terry LaBombard.

       (37)     Crosswind Lazy D Rockyn Robyn. Owner: Louise Cross & Nancy Walker.

       (39)     Rydalmount's Job. Owner: Gloria Cuthbert & Charles Cuthbert.

       (43)     Pegasus Country Over The Limit. Owner: Pam McCune.

       (45)     Rydalmount's Mocen Cuchulain. Owner: Maria Lanphier.

       (47)     Kinsmen's Sharp Dressed Man. Owner: Linda Mary Hayes.

1      (49)     Sillars Next Big Thing. Owner: Dena Drozdoff & Matthew Drozdoff.

       (51)     Thunder Skys Touch Of Gold. Owner: Mary Greaver & Dick Greaver.

      (111)     Armoni's Smooth Criminal. Owner: Mark Gregory & Stephanie Gregory.

      (127)     Eastwinds Semper Fi Im Ya Huckleberry. Owner: Robin Montgomery.

      (227)     Sherwood Ranchlands Friar Tuck. Owner: Tracy Eberhardt.

4     (371)     Kinsmen's The Life Of Reilly. Owner: Mary Lynn Speer.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 9-12 Mos.

       (55)     Farpoint's Gotcha Covered. Owner: Sherry White & Diana Van Sandt.

1      (57)     Fantasy GB Crossfire Hurricane. Owner: Melody Fuller & Davie Fuller.

       (59)     Golem Norton E. Owner: Dr Stanley J Einbender & Roberta A Einbender.

       (61)     Kiokee Who's Your Daddy. Owner: Cathy (Catie) C Arney.

       (63)     Ethos Quiet Professional. Owner: Nancy McLean & Scott McLean.

2      (65)     Audacious N' Warlords Joint Venture. Owner: Tricia Dalman & Tom & Maria Devier.

3      (67)     Lazy D's Thunder Over Heartland. Owner: Nancy Walker.

       (69)     Greesons Biggen Mobetta. Owner: Peggy Lansing & Jeremy Lansing.

       (71)     Coopers Shot Of Yaeger. Owner: Jeffrey Wilp.

4      (73)     Farpoint's Fuzzy Logic. Owner: Diana Van Sandt.

       (75)     Banyon's Bueller. Owner: Kristin N Zellen.

       (79)     Coopers Lord Goober. Owner: Dwight Linch & Debbie Linch.

       (81)     Gigantis Rumba Of Quietwood. Owner: Bruce Roventini & Bonnie Blink.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 12-15 Mos.

2      (87)     Dandylion Brishanes The ROCK. Owner: Casey Norris & Chris Ann Moore.

3      (91)     Nittany No Sleep Till Brooklyn. Owner: Kathleen C Booth & Kirsten J Ludwig.

1      (93)     Bobaras Jumpin Jack Flash. Owner: Isabell M Sottile & Barbara Kulm.

       (95)     Sundog Luther Of Blk Swamp. Owner: Sharon Spangler.

4      (97)     Pegasus Convinced Her Again. Owner: Eric Soard & Laura Soard & Pam McCune.

       (99)     Pegasus Country Southern Gentleman. Owner: Becky Strong & Pam McCune.

A     (101)     Groppetti Allofhim. Owner: Patty Groppetti.

      (103)     Pegasus Country's Scottish King. Owner: Erika Wepner & Brandon Buzzell.

A     (113)     Armoni's Stroll In The Park. Owner: Mark Gregory & Stephanie Gregory.

      (135)     Jordan's Good Time Giggolo. Owner: Bonnie Miller & Theresa Mayfield.

A     (151)     TNT Where There Is Smoke. Owner: Jill Lapinel & David Lapinel & Erica Tortorella.

      (161)     Kharismas Crenshaw Etched In Stone. Owner: Rashawn Crenshaw & Julie Crenshaw.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 15-18 Mos.

2      (83)     Tucson's Crown Royal At Groppetti's. Owner: Randy Harper & Patty Groppetti.

1      (89)     Dymac Omegas Line Of Credit. Owner: B Worsell & M Prete.

3     (149)     Brickhouse's Simply The Best. Owner: Jennifer Anderson & Nathan Anderson.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 6-9 Mos.

        (6)     Oaklane Polaris Hope Is Theone. Owner: Vicki Hix & Tim Hix, N Camerra & Mary Lou Marschka.

        (8)     Meadowfarm's Mirror Image Of Mtnside. Owner: Tamara Sholes & Judy A Nash, Nicki Camerra & Vicki Hix.

       (12)     Marcy Mtn's Essence Of A Legend. Owner: Doreen Dysert & Larry Dysert.

       (14)     Bearhill Wdmrds Legally Blond. Owner: Diane White & Andy White.

A      (16)     Treasure Chest's Constellation. Owner: Bridget Edgell.

       (18)     Pegasus Triniti's Hearthside. Owner: Judith S Whitney.

       (20)     St Patricks Single Red Rose. Owner: Liz Lapinski.

       (24)     Windhaven's Scandalous Kinsmen. Owner: Sherry Brown & Gary Brown.

2      (26)     Creekview's Major Quinn. Owner: Kay Routten & Diane Collings.

       (28)     Rydalmounts City Of Lights. Owner: Cynthia C Hollar.

       (30)     Bearhill TNT North Star. Owner: Erica Tortorella & Jill Lapinel.

       (34)     Sherwood's Willow Missing You. Owner: Joan Anderson & Debbie Barrioz & Carol Tippett.

A      (36)     Southports Olivia. Owner: Carla Sanchez & Joe Sanchez.

       (38)     Eastwind's Semper Fi United. Owner: James Burke & Nancy A Hurther.

4     (100)     Pegasus Sweet Summer Love. Owner: Holly Strong & Pam McCune.

      (102)     Pegasus Southern Sassafrass. Owner: Becky Strong & Mat Strong.

      (104)     Lazy D's I Got You Babe. Owner: Nancy Walker.

      (106)     Lazy D Mtnside The Beat Goes On. Owner: Nancy Walker & Denise Ledford.

3     (108)     Kinsmen's Blaze For Sequoia. Owner: Jessica Chambers & Mary Lynn Speer.

      (110)     Pegasus Country Esther. Owner: Jim Baird & Pam McCune, Mary & Megan Baird.

      (116)     Eastwinds Lords Of The Hill Rosie. Owner: Barbara Wiemers & Mitchell Wiemers.

      (118)     Pegasus Country Freeloader. Owner: Pam McCune.

      (120)     McArthur's Matilda. Owner: Tammie McArthur & Michael Hoffman.

A     (122)     WileyWays Making A Commotion. Owner: Denise Wiley.

A     (124)     Gamis Rule Brittania. Owner: Andree Azzam.

A     (126)     Beowulf's Izzy Of Briggs Mastiffs. Owner: Penny Leadens.

      (128)     Armoni's Pieces Of A Dream. Owner: Mark Gregory & Stephanie Gregory.

A     (132)     WileyWays Miss Congeniality. Owner: Denise Wiley.

A     (146)     Absolute Can Of Whoopazz. Owner: Shelley Scribner & Blake Scribner.

      (160)     Absolute Dreamin Of June Skyes. Owner: Shelley Scribner & Blake Scribner.

1     (220)     Bearhill's Miss Elegant Lady. Owner: Erik R Walter & Jennifer Walter.

A     (232)     Eastwind Semper Fi Baby Got. Owner: Nancy A Huether & Jim Burke.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 9-12 Mos.

1      (40)     Golem Trixie E. Owner: Dr Stanley J Einbender & Roberta A Einbender.

       (42)     Kiokee Daddy's Money. Owner: Cathy (Catie) C Arney.

       (44)     Royal K's Cole Miners Dght. Owner: Tammy Nedley & Kim John.

3      (46)     Greesons Ibe Soo Mo Betta. Owner: Linda Greeson & Peggy Lansing.

       (48)     Golem Lucy E. Owner: Dr Stanley J Einbender & Roberta A Einbender.

A      (50)     Farpoint's Field Of Dreams. Owner: Sherry White & Diana Van Sandt.

       (52)     Morrigan's Celtic Queen Of Kiokee. Owner: Cathy (Catie) C Arney.

       (54)     Bellawoods Spiced Up Jersey Girl. Owner: Sharon Miller.

       (56)     Silvercreeks MTC Annvrsry Edition. Owner: Mark Henry & Tiffany Henry.

A      (60)     Bunyon's Marilyn Monroe. Owner: Kristin N Zellen.

A     (138)     Golden Bears Starstruck Fantasy. Owner: Joan Horrocks.

      (140)     Ragnarok's Hotter Than Hel. Owner: Stephen J Schramm & Kimberley Schramm.

      (148)     Monumental Mistress Of The Nite. Owner: Richard Samide & Carol Lee Samide.

      (150)     Morrigan's Godiva. Owner: James G Bennett.

      (156)     Monumental Tornal's Hope. Owner: Pamela Agard & Richard Samide.

4     (158)     Morrigan's Flower For Sidney. Owner: James G Bennett.

      (216)     Heartland's Lasting Impression. Owner: Virginia Young & Brooke Young.

2     (226)     Castle Keep Kharismas Charm. Owner: Kim Marie McFarlane.

      (272)     Excelsior's Kiss My Grass. Owner: Heather Wicinski & Jody Kotowski.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 12-15 Mos.

       (62)     Liberty Mountains First Born. Owner: Celeste Guerrero & Robert Guerrero.

2      (64)     Bobaras Dot Com. Owner: Barbara Kulm.

1      (68)     New Beginnings Black Pearl. Owner: Diana Van Sandt.

       (72)     River's Edge Kismet Of Wynwood. Owner: Denise Hyer.

       (74)     Celtics Belisima Afloat. Owner: Casey Norris.

       (76)     Armoni's Lady Mia. Owner: Darlene K Mayo.

4      (84)     Wynwood's BZ Storm Spring Clover. Owner: Katherine Knapp & Michael Knapp.

       (86)     Thunder Skys Queen Of The Nile. Owner: Dick Greaver & Mary Greaver.

       (88)     Fallingleafs Southern Season. Owner: Karen Sirignano & Al Sirignano.

      (168)     Pegasus Country Foolish Pleasure. Owner: Pam McCune & Tom McCune, Andy Azzam, Eric Soard.

      (174)     Armoni's I Take The Cake. Owner: Mark Gregory & Stephanie Gregory.

      (184)     Dandylion Ole Black Magic. Owner: Debbie Barrioz.

A     (186)     Armoni's Tiramisu. Owner: Mark Gregory & Stephanie Gregory.

Self Ex (190)    TNT Musique Du Soleil. Owner: J Lapinel & D Lapinel & E Tortorella.

      (196)     Kharismas Romancing The Stone. Owner: Chris Pettry & Karen Pettry.

      (210)     Woodmarks A Time To Rock. Owner: Diane White & Andy White.

3     (222)     Pegasus Country Winning Colors. Owner: Pam McCune & Andree Azzam & Eric Soard.

      (378)     Ch Royal K's Front Page News. Owner: Kim John.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 15-18 Mos.

       (66)     Quietwood Porsche Gryarvold. Owner: Lori Jenkins & Joe Ard.

A      (70)     Tucsons My Secret Garden Of Lazy D. Owner: Cindy Furr & Nancy Walker.

4      (78)     Tamarack Sunnydale Slayer. Owner: Jennifer Lambden.

A      (80)     Sherwood's Holly Of Aragorn. Owner: Sherry Colby.

3      (90)     Baskerville's Brandi Wine. Owner: Haroldine Fulop.

A     (166)     WileyWays Outta This World. Owner: Denise Wiley.

2     (170)     Dymac Omega In Cahoots. Owner: B Worsell & M Prete.

      (178)     Hyjinx's Front Paige News. Owner: Stan Hudson & Carrie Hudson.

      (188)     QuietWood HopeCreek Mersedes. Owner: Jackie Spiars.

1     (204)     Brickhouses Simply Irresistable. Owner: Jennifer Anderson & Nathan Anderson.

      (212)     Thousand Oaks Star For Khathy. Owner: Kurt Dieckman & LouAney Dieckman.

A     (258)     Wiley Ways The Forbidden Dance. Owner: Denise Wiley.


49        Best Junior Puppy

40        BOS to Best Junior Puppy

93        Best Senior Puppy

68        BOS to Best Senior Puppy

49        Grand Sweepstakes Winner