Parade of Titleholders.



Ashway's Classical High Note CD. SN210825/02. 12/23/94. Breeder: Rosalie B Ash & William R Ash Jr. By Ashway's Angus - Ashway's Wyandot. Owner: Jo Ellen Cobb.



Ch Chilbrook Fedora. SN196826/01. 10/03/94. Breeder: Debby Kay & Kathleen Langdon. By Rocheby Straw Boater - Chilbrook Bon Bon. Owner: Debby Kay.



Chilbrook Limerick CD. SM926477/04. 11/03/92. Breeder: Debby Kay. By Ch Kerrymark Kelleygreen Cobb - Chilbrook Legacy. Owner: Debby Kay.



Shiloh's Captain By The Sea CD. SR073718/05. 3/22/2003. Breeder: Sherrie L & Ken Petty. By Croflsway Old Man River - Ch Beaulahlands Rebekah Of Shiloh CD NA NAJ. Owner: Debbie Rhodes & Sherrie Petty.



Ch Decoy's Shake-Rattle-N-Roll. SN469005/02. 8/14/97. Breeder: Judy David & Nancy Love. By Guideline's Monthly Review - Brooklands Decoy Harlequin. Owner: Judy Davis.



Ch Decoys Believe It Or Not. SN833672/01. 4/03/2001. Breeder: Judy Davis. By Ch Brooklands Hampshire Bucky - Decoys All That Jazz. Owner: Judy Davis.



Ch Brooklands Decoy Harlequin. SM937995/09. 12/07/91. Breeder: Susie Morrill. By Ch Brooklands Hampshire Bucky - Easy Acres Sable. Owner: Judy Davis.



Ch Brookland's Victory March. SN612713/01. 1/26/99. Breeder: Judy Davis. By Decoy's Rain Man - Decoy's April Of Brookland. Owner: Nancy Hope Love. (Judy Davis, Agent).



Ch Hampshire Am I Blue. SN197095/03. 9/27/94. Breeder: M E Pfeifle. By Ch Scrimshaw Duckless Fairbank JH - Ch Lindall Rachelle. Owner: Karen Day.



Ch Tabatha's Ornery Custus. SR131687/05. 6/06/2003. Breeder: Carol A Heidl. By Ch Dickendall Davaron Gable - Tabatha's Confetti. Owner: Alice Lipe Judah & Terry Nieder.



Royalab Galway Guinness. SN656700/10. 6/29/99. Breeder: Amy Gutman. By Ch Lumberline Whitewater Splash - Greenbriar's Royal Legacy. Owner: Alyce J Hobbs & Robert Hobbs. (Rusty Howard, Agent).



Ch Shadow Glen Dunraven UD. SN499395/01. 11/24/97. Breeder: Margaret S Wilson. By Ch Hunt Club Milo - Shadow Glen's Willet CDX. Owner: Margaret S Wilson.