Sweepstakes, Dogs, 6-9 Mos Black.



Tabatha's Glacieridge Sumac. Owner: Bob Skow & Connie Skow.



Skyes Riverlane's Token Republican. Owner: Susan Huntzinger & Greg Huntzinger.



Sunset I Spy Lou Harper. Owner: Allison L Bates & Nancy Todd.



Hollyhill's American Idol. Owner: Beverley Lubbert & Ruth Hertzog.

1 OS


Ghoststone Hyspire Dressed To Impress. Owner: J Heim & V Russell & L Daross.



Tabatha's Oak. Owner: Bob Skow & Connie Skow & Carol Heidl.



Shiolh's Toby Or Not Toby. Owner: Julie Banker & Sherrie Petty.



Hollyhills Lets Make A Deal. Owner: Laura Fletcher & Debbie Leveque.



Glacieridge Tabatha's Sycamore. Owner: Bob Skow & Connie Skow.



Skye's Big Black Guy. Owner: Joanne Hanscom.



Wilcare's Singing In The Rain. Owner: Susan C Willumsen & W Leeds Burchard Jr.



Tremonts Fu Man Chu. Owner: Lori Bentine & John Bentine.



Lobuff Hollyridge Osprey. Owner: Julie Quigley-Smith & Lisa Weiss-Nolechek.



Bellwether Pete. Owner: T Barks.



Swentina's Prestige Essens. Owner: Tina Turcotte.



Tabatha's Armor At Belquest. Owner: Vicky Creamer & Carol Heidl.



Blythmoor Package For McGerry. Owner: Susan Dash Humphrey & Beverly Chapman.



Tabathas Stonehenge Granite. Owner: Kim Black & Carol Heidl.



Winsome Easthill Send In The Clowns. Owner: Cathy Culpert & Sheila Norgren.



BonaVenture's Legacy. Owner: Tom Shearer & Gail Shearer.



Paradocs Jasper. Owner: Karen Helmers & John Helmers.



Tabatha's Excalibur. Owner: Carol Heidl.



Windfall's Banner's Major Attraction. Owner: Rebecca Cook.



Tabatha's Gus. Owner: Carol Heidl.



Tabathas Stonehenge Slate. Owner: Kim Black & Carol Heidl.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 6-9 Mos Yellow.



Hyspire Come Out Swingin. Owner: J Heim & V Russell & L Daross.



Blackdux Legacy's Shain. Owner: Kathleen Wolf & Kevin Bergeson.



Tullamores Toblerone. Owner: Linda Bednarski & Richard Bednarski.



Innisfree's Rhett Butler. Owner: Barbara A Kennedy.



Hyspire Swing For The Fences. Owner: J Heim & V Russell & L Daross.



Blackamoor's Bradley At Decoy. Owner: H Price Jessup.



Campbell Yard's Brandy Alexander. Owner: Carol Pyne & Dan Pyne.



Apple Mt's Maximus Of BF. Owner: Sylvia Smart & Jodi L Riley.



Bri-Chers Power Rain-Ger. Owner: Brian Hagan & Cheryl Hagan.



Bayview's Lemon Smoke. Owner: Jim Wade & Anna Clark.



Ginander's By Invitation Only. Owner: Phyllis Anderson & Stephanie & John Ciarroco.



Twin Cedars Love At First Sight. Owner: Deb Arnold.



Crossfield's Ravenwood Bling. Owner: Annette M Watkins.



Ridge View Four O Seven Seven. Owner: Donna Reece.



Campbellyard Tiger's Eye Of Takoda. Owner: Lisa Hanley & Carol & Daniel Pyne.



Valcar's Legend Of The Fall. Owner: Dale Staples & Barry Staples.



Blackthorn's Here For The Party. Owner: Barbara Gilchrist & Robert Gilchrist.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 6-9 Mos Chocolate.



Gleneries Sugar Daddy. Owner: Edward J Noll Jr & Cynthia Noll.



Lochiel's Grand Slam. Owner: Linda Forsyth & Cindy Hummel.



Brookland's Mars Of Torcastle. Owner: David W Schnare Esq & Nancy Hope Love.



Dewberries Mo Jo By Noah. Owner: Lawrence Gardner & Marian Gardner.



Stonemeadow BonaVenture Casey. Owner: Tom Shearer.



Holland's Peacemaker. Owner: Beverly A Culver & Willard Culver.



Brooklands Esspresso. Owner: Nancy Hope Love.



Brookland’s Mars of Torcastle. Owner:D W Schnare & N H Love

Sweepstakes, Dogs, 9-12 Mos Black.



Tabatha's Glacieridge Joey. Owner: Bob Skow & Connie Skow.



Tableau's Titanium. Owner: Ellen C Shearer.



Halcyon's Thunderbolt. Owner: Perry Irons & Anne Marie Forde & Jonathan Fles.



Hyspiresurshot Juz Bcuz Im Hot. Owner: Janis I Grannemann & Tori Jackson.



Glacieridge Tabatha's Storm. Owner: Stacey Sellers & Paul Sellers & Bob Skow.



Water Berry's Sherman March'n. Owner: David Gallagher & Shelley Gallagher.



Hollyridge Lobuff Star Trek. Owner: Julie Quigley-Smith & Lisa Weiss-Nolechek.



Sasco Gibraltar. Owner: Kristen Maloney.



Empress The Philosopher King. Owner: Lisa Brown.



Lighthouse Drum Major. Owner: Lynn A Greskevitch.



Trinity's Final Jury. Owner: Kathy DeVito & Kristin DeVito & Janet Free.



Dogwood Pimlico. Owner: Shaun T Scott & Debra L Scott.



Nycoma Way Guiness As Usual. Owner: John McComb & Gina Orsini McComb.



Tantara Lubberline Billy Flynn. Owner: Pauline A Mortier & Leslie Williams.



Tabatha's Bentley At Empress. Owner: Dawn Nacey.



Empress Flash Gordon. Owner: Allan Morales Juvera.



BonaVenture's Clearcreek Bart. Owner: Tom Shearer & Gail Shearer & Elizabeth Martin.



Wiscoy Paradocs Ben Franklin. Owner: Karen Helmers & John Helmers.



Minefalls Big Papi. Owner: Laura Witts & Gary Witts.



Puckett's Justified At Dickendall. Owner: Kendall Herr.



CopperStill Fors Fortis. Owner: Keri Schooler.



CopperStill Chew The Fat. Owner: Keri Schooler.



Allegheny Jacob's Ladder. Owner: Clare Senfield.



Waterberry Wildone At Galway. Owner: Alyce J Hobbs & Jennifer Miller.




Sweepstakes, Dogs, 9-12 Mos Yellow.



Glacieridge Tabatha's Ross. Owner: Bob Skow & Connie Skow.



Miron's Casper. Owner: Sylvie Miron.



Caer Bren Hornblower. Owner: Jackie Mischou.



Allegheny's Morning Glory. Owner: Dr Noel Nivera & Clare Senfield.



Caer Bren Horatio. Owner: Jackie Mischou.



Caer Bren Granville. Owner: Jackie Mischou.



Canvasback's Shockin' Y' All. Owner: Jane Bailey & Elizabeth Lloyd.



Nycoma Way Whiskey For My Man. Owner: Heather Johnson-Lamarche & Marc Lamarche.



Hawksmoor Mellow. Owner: S Eichler & Kate Perry.



Buckridge's Sir Collinworth. Owner: Darlene Pors & Bob Pors & Donna Germann.



Belquest Somethn Up My Sleeve. Owner: Vicky Creamer.



Lobuff Hollyridge The Aviator. Owner: Lisa Weiss & Jim Nolechek & Julie Smith.



Maritime Bowsprit. Owner: Julie Jussaume.



Broadway's On The Town. Owner: Pauline A Mortier.



Dejavu It's My Turn. Owner: Claudia L Rosen.



Highcaliber Luck Of The Draw. Owner: Sharon Luckhart.



BonaVenture's Gentry. Owner: Tom Shearer & Gail Shearer.



Sunnybrook Tiger Hawk. Owner: Mary Bolard-Chambers.



Puckett's Just In Time Dickendall. Owner: Kendall Herr.



Brooklands Boogie Woogie. Owner: Nancy Hope Love.



Surshot Hyspire Pure Country. Owner: D Leveque & J Heim, V Russell, L Da Ross.



Tormentil's Musket 4NX Change. Owner: Pat Gadaleta & Beverlet Lubbert.



Buck Ridge Magellan Of Glen. Owner: Darlene R Pors & Robert J Pors.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 9-12 Mos Chocolate.



Cabin's Gentle Ben. Owner: Cathy Giordani Straub.



Karamar Royal Kona Blend. Owner: Ruth Upchurch.



Majestx Wilcare Call Me Mr Tibbs. Owner: Lois A Engel & Dakota L Gainer.



Dewberries Master Biscotti. Owner: Lawrence Gardner & Marian Gardner.



Belquest All Bout Th Benjamns. Owner: Vicky Creamer.



Vangelis. Owner: Keri Schooler.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 12-15 Mos Black.



WestRiver's Chains Required. Owner: Susan Huntzinger & Greg Huntzinger.



Mayfair My Shooting Star. Owner: Cynthia Gurney & Tessa Gurney & Karen Pandolfi.



Lobuff Sirius Black@chucklebrook. Owner: Diane Pilbin.



Sureshot Bens A Pleasure. Owner: Laura Fletcher & Tara Aschwanden.





Fort Hyde's Brave Teddy Bear. Owner: Elly Hyde.



Whispering Pine's Sir Lancelot. Owner: John Sebalusky & Barbara Sebalusky.



Beechcroft's Backin Black. Owner: B Proctor & M Wiest & L Chamaschuk.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 12-15 Mos Yellow.



Pleasurethyme's WW Webster. Owner: Mr G Ruelle & Mr G Ruelle & Sheila Rekow.



Linjor Wedgewood. Owner: Linda Major.



Topform Labadale High Hopes. Owner: Liane Chaput-Brennan & Ross Brennan.



Legacys Clydesdale At Red Oaks. Owner: Leora Levy.



Cornerstone's Being Earnest. Owner: Sheree Paskert.



Codycreek Jesse James. Owner: Debra A Fisher & Michael E Fisher.



Sunset Lubberline Spinnaker. Owner: Pauline A Mortier & Maurice Mortier.



Cedarcreek Rockycreek Ranger. Owner: Geraldine Mines & Kathryn A Mines.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 12-15 Mos Chocolate.



Rockycreek Wind & Smoke. Owner: Phyllis Gray & K Mines.



Applemeadow Marshall Mac. Owner: Linda Vanden Borre.



Cross Creek's Connor Ambrose. Owner: Kathie Green.



Huntmor Work Of Art. Owner: Stacy R Quake & Tom Quake.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 15-18 Mos Black.



Ridgecrest All About Me. Owner: John T King & Betsy Broyd.



Sunset's John Steed. Owner: Allison L Bates & Nancy Todd.



Hyspire Asklar Tinkin I Mo Betta. Owner: Laurie Warvill & June Onda.



Pullys Patuxent Panama Jack. Owner: Mrs Susan Pully & Ms Letty McNulty.



Graycrft Providential Design. Owner: Karen A Cheney & Anna Clark.



Surry Cabin Creek Knock Knock. Owner: Catharine Greene.



Bellwether Comet. Owner: T Barks.



Cressmoor Phantom Of The Opera. Owner: Tami Gaver & LuAnn & Tim Curtis.



Gateway's Paint The Town. Owner: Patty Streufert.



Linrays Its Int'Cards At Duckales. Owner: Diane Villa & T Keller & L Schiele.



Belquest Bruno. Owner: Vicky Creamer.



Tameric's Andy. Owner: Tammy Farrington & Eric Benziger.



Ridge View Suspense. Owner: Nora Sullivan & Donna Reece.



Snowden Hill Kodak Moment. Owner: Tina Sachranienkow & Gladys Rogers.



Hedgelawn Pembroke Doc Higgins. Owner: Bob Shober & Terri Shober.



Tabatha's Slugger. Owner: Cliffette Thacker.



Gorton's Rebel Just Because. Owner: Gail Gorton.



Bellburns Black Smitten. Owner: Barbara A Corbelli.



Calabria's Study Of Fine Art. Owner: Mary Catizone.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 15-18 Mos Yellow.



Mtn Vista Never Tucker Doubt. Owner: Susan S Aichele.



Shar-Jam Pandemonium Talisman. Owner: Sharon K Celentano & James P Celentano.



Pleasurethyme's Crammer Tom. Owner: Sheila Rekow.



Ridgeview Farm's Jack Frost. Owner: Lynn K Thomas.



MTN Vista's Hurry Cane. Owner: Laura Kieffer & Terri Kieffer.



TPF Luke. Owner: Carry Halle & Jan Norton-Horne.



Bulleigh Of Blackamoor. Owner: Carl W Schutt.



Morgans Run Tanqueray. Owner: Sarah Cockey.



Decoys Daydream Believer. Owner: Judy Davis.



Allegheny's Mica At Snowgoose. Owner: Dr Terry Purkable & Drew Lund.



HiView Deli Dill. Owner: Dorothy E Black.



Empress Peter Pan Queijeiro. Owner: Allan Morales Juvera.



Winsomes Just About Par. Owner: Cathy Culpert.



Mtn Vista's Love Of Levi. Owner: Jane Harford & Terri & Laura Kieffer.


Sweepstakes, Dogs, 15-18 Mos Chocolate.



Hedgelawn Better Than Ever. Owner: Thomas Flaherty & Tambra Flaherty.



Carriage Hill's Oliver Twist. Owner: Neil Martin & Jodi Martin.



Chestnut's Charlie Brown. Owner: John Moneghan.



Marquis Cressmoor Dancing Bull. Owner: LuAnn Curtis & Tim Curtis.



Glenforrest Dancing At The Rascal Fair. Owner: Cynthia Abbott & William Abbott.