Sweepstakes, Bitches 6-9 Mos Black.



Ophir's Dark Shadow. Owner: Tom O'Hern & Jenny Eppinga.



Tremonts Little Black Dress. Owner: Lori Bentine & John Bentine.



Sunset I Spy Iris Devereaux. Owner: Allison L Bates & Nancy Todd.



Time Square Madame X. Owner: Amy Oles & Mark Oles.



Time Square Serendipity. Owner: Amy Oles & Mark Oles.



Ghoststone's Respect. Owner: Judy Chambers & Scott Chambers.



Kimleigh's Once In A Blue Moon. Owner: Anne Maynard.



Velvet Miron Du Grand Cassieu



Hampton's Blue Moon. Owner: Alana Becker.



Innisfree's Scarlet. Owner: John Kelly Jr.



Skye's Mira Mira On The Wall. Owner: Joanne Hanscom.



YBR Midnite Masquerade Doll. Owner: Sandra Allen.



Bluesouth's Realle' Ecpose'. Owner: Denise Branch & Thomas Branch.



Paradigm's Bella Sophia. Owner: Constance Stark & Heidi Herman.



Torcastle Samantha. Owner: David W Schnare Esq.



Bellwether Repeat. Owner: T Barks.



Dalybrook Windfall Tequilla Girl. Owner: Christine Daly-Harper & E D Harper Jr.



Crossfield's Kennebec. Owner: Victoria Jacobs & Annette Watkins.



Queijeiro Mont Blank. Owner: Manuel Queijeiro Piza.



Liddle Miss Pinkie Buttercup. Owner: Gregory Goebel.



Barataria Of Blackamoor. Owner: George E Marzloff & H Price Jessup.



Janlon Highcaliber Showgirl. Owner: Sharon Luckhart & Debbie Morton.



Bellwether Tabatha Etc. Owner: T Barks.



Pucketts Pattie Pattie Cake. Owner: Maxine Puckett & Keri Schooler.



Beechcroft's Study The Rain. Owner: Mary A Wiest & Michael Wiest.



Windy Ridge Full Eclipse. Owner: Robin Magee & James Magee.



Bellwether Tabatha Ditto. Owner: T Barks & C Heidl.



Ridge View Sub Zero. Owner: Donna Reece.



Sunset Darcie Q Winsome. Owner: Cathy Culpert.



Tameric's Something Else. Owner: Tammy Farrington & Eric Benziger.



Tabatha's Stella Adventure. Owner: Kim Falker & Carol Heidl.



Tameric's Something Sweet. Owner: Tammy Farrington & Eric Benziger.



Paradocs Tabatha's Pebble. Owner: Karen Helmers & John Helmers & Carol Heidl.



Paradocs Ruffled Tabatha. Owner: Karen Helmers & John Helmers & Carol Heidl.



Bonaventure's Walkabout Carly. Owner: Lucille Walker.



Tabatha's Charms. Owner: Carol Heidl.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 6-9 Mos Yellow.



Mar-Moye Hurricane Frances. Owner: Marion Daniel.



Apple Mt's PS I Love You. Owner: Jodi Riley.



Blackdux Legacy's Liz. Owner: Kathleen Wold & Kevin Bergeson.



Hyspire Sophisticated Swing. Owner: J Heim & V Russell & L Daross.



Hyspire It Had To Be You. Owner: J Heim & V Russell, L Daross & S Ramsay.



Tullamore Hyspire Time Traveler. Owner: J Heim & V Russell & L Daross.



Hyspire Ghoststone Any Swing Goes. Owner: Judy Chambers & Scott Chambers.



Cinder's Keep The Faith. Owner: Cynthia Damiano.



Chilbrook Aurora. Owner: Debby Kay.



Cinder's Lottie Dah. Owner: Cynthia Damiano.



Innisfree's Tara. Owner: Phyllis Kelly.



Tullamores Topaz. Owner: Linda Bednarski & Richard Bednarski.



Lobuff Hollyridge Kiskadee. Owner: Julie Quigley-Smith & Lisa Weiss-Nolechek.



Ocean Spray Bethany. Owner: Paul Maclean & Sandra Maclean.



Crossfield's Idaho. Owner: Victoria Jacobs & Annette Watkins.



Queijeiro Taboo. Owner: Manuel Queijeiro Piza.



East Hill Castlegar Daisy. Owner: Pierry McLean & Stan McLean.



Cooky's Lady Finger Sadie. Owner: Jeffrey Cook.



Berryhill Just Peachy. Owner: Connie Bowen.



Crossfield's Ravenwood Trinket. Owner: Annette M Watkins.



Infinity's Twinkle. Owner: Michelle VeuCasovic.



Empress Five Alarm Fire. Owner: Dawn Marie Nacey.



Infinity's Mini Muffin. Owner: Michelle VeuCasovic.



Windfall East Hill Snickerdoddle. Owner: Sheila Norgren & Annie Cogo.



Sumo's BaChi Sassy Salsa. Owner: Patricia W Block.



Brioche Of Blackamoor. Owner: H Price Jessup.



Brookland's Sweet Savvay. Owner: Nancy Hope Love.



Blackthorn's Society Page. Owner: Barbara Gilchrist & Robert Gilchrist.



Danbridge De'Lovely. Owner: Marilyn Meewes & Kenneth Meewes.



Jaquin's Southern Belle. Owner: Pauline Nehring & Lawrence Nehring.



Pandemonium Uproarious Honey. Owner: Laura Jennings & Olin Jennings.



Brooklands Sweet Sherry. Owner: Nancy Hope Love.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 6-9 Mos Chocolate.



Wassookeag's Natalie. Owner: Susan S Robichaud & David J Robichaud.



Brooklands Sally Brown. Owner: Nancy Hope Love.



Tabatha's Chaps. Owner: Carol Heidl.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 9-12 Mos Black.



Eiderdown Spittin' Image. Owner: Kathy Kaiser.



Tableau's Swim Shady. Owner: Ellen C Shearer.



Cedarbay Dangerous Liasions. Owner: Marianne L Rousseau ESQ.



Mandalay Hyspire Roses Are Red. Owner: J Heim & V Russell & L Daross.



Highmeadows Blackwatch Abbey. Owner: Susan W Barrett.



Campbell Yard's Unexpexted Pleasure. Owner: Carol Pyne & Dan Pyne.



Trinity's Fancy At Willowcreek. Owner: Kathy DeVito & Kristin DeVito & Janet Free.



Trinity's Final Dance. Owner: Kathy DeVito & Kristin DeVito & Janet Free.



Lobuff's Hollyridge Nat'l Treasure. Owner: Lisa Nolechek & Jim Nolechek & Julie Q Smith.



Beechcroft's Study The Sea. Owner: Mary A Wiest & Michael Wiest.



CopperStill Fat Lady Sings. Owner: Keri Schooler.

Excused Lame


Minefalls Shi-Lo. Owner: Gary Witts & Laura Witts.



Tormentil's Little Lotta. Owner: B Lubbert.



Sasco Picholine. Owner: Kristen Maloney.



Minefalls J-Lo. Owner: Gary Witts & Laura Witts.



Hunt Club Clayview Last Comic Standing. Owner: Nancy Arbuckle & David Vollette.



Hunterleigh's Tabatha Maud. Owner: Norbert Wewer.



Empress Mercedes Of Tabatha. Owner: Dawn Nacey & Carol Heidl.



Belquest's Last Laugh. Owner: Vicky Creamer.



Tabatha's Persuasion. Owner: Carol Heidl & S Schneider.



Majestx Bonnie At Allegheny. Owner: Clare Senfield.



Gorton Fishnet Stockings. Owner: Gail Gorton.



Tabatha's Persistence. Owner: Carol Heidl.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 9-12 Mos Yellow.



Lochiel's Phoenix. Owner: Cindy Hummel & Linda Forsyth.



Oakcrest Gleama Shines. Owner: Joanne H Weber & 216.



Grand River Latta Moxie. Owner: Connie Bowen.



Gateway's White Dove. Owner: Patty Streufert.



JBird Sweetwater Jazmine. Owner: Robin McBain & Manuela Link.



Grandriver Drift T'Copperstone. Owner: Lisa Brown.



Lighthouse Spell Caster. Owner: Lynn A Greskevitch.



Lighthouse Albemarle Witch. Owner: Lynn A Greskevitch.



Steele's Holly From Valcar. Owner: Carrie Dilling & Steele Dilling & Clint Vail.



Tulgeywoo's Tilda. Owner: Joan McInnis & Adam McInnis.



Water Oaks Rigatoni. Owner: Jessica P Gore.



Hiview Peggy Sue. Owner: Dorothy E Black.



Echoes Going Overboard. Owner: Tera Fenton & Merissa Fenton.



Canvasback's Lil Whiskey Girl. Owner: Jane Bailey & Elizabeth Lloyd.



Broadway's Brooklyn. Owner: Maryann Czerwinski.



Erinhill's Sun Shower. Owner: Cheryl A Curtis & Jenna Curtis.



Caer Bren Bay At Tigabunk. Owner: Jackie Mischou & Sarah Barker.



Atlantic's By Storm. Owner: Deborah Weinman & Bradley Weinman.



Paradocs Tabatha Smarty Joan. Owner: Karen Helmers & John Helmers & Carol Heidl.



Ridge View Smarty Pants. Owner: Donna Reece & Nora Siegner.



Danbrooke Be A Sweetheart. Owner: Susan Lhotka & Erven Lhotka.



Deja Vu's Hula Hula. Owner: Alice Lipe Judah.



Belquest Sweet Revenge. Owner: Vicky Creamer & Drew Lund.



Tabatha's Percussion. Owner: Carol Heidl.



Buttonwood Fox Hill Lucille. Owner: Eleanor L Stintzcum & Traci Stintzcum.



Gorton's Holy Mackerel. Owner: Gail Gorton.



Hunt Club Clayview Irish Cream. Owner: Nancy Arbuckle & David Vollette.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 9-12 Mos Chocolate.



Trufa Carrillo. Owner: Dr Guillermo Carrillo.



Cabin's Spicey Nutmeg. Owner: Cathy Giordani Straub.



Willcares Mama Got One Now. Owner: Maryalyce Morissette & Susan C Willumsen.



Stonecrest Starieyed Brunett. Owner: Claire White-Peterson & Janet Huntley.



Chablais Delorme Ziggy. Owner: Jean-Louis Blais & Madeleine Charest.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 12-15 Mos Black.



Saltmeadow Peace Pipe. Owner: Carla Hyndman.



Sure Shot What's Your Pleasure. Owner: Debbie Leveque.



Waifin's Indiscrete Journey. Owner: Leslie Personett DVM & Ed Kenefick.



Hiflight Hampton's Daisy. Owner: Alana Becker & Ralph Weseman.



Sunset's Emma Peele. Owner: Allison L Bates & Nancy Todd.



Valcar's Raegan. Owner: Jim Carroll & Clinton L Vail.



Folklaur Fortuneteller. Owner: Laura J Dedering.



Folklaur Time And Again. Owner: Mercedes Huber & Barry Huber & Laura Dedering.



Tormentil Talimar Heartwhisper. Owner: B Lubbert & Trudy Rose.



Tonmar's Back It Up. Owner: Shaun T Scott & Debra L Scott.



Lockbriar Lady In Red Again. Owner: Wayne Lockwood Sr.



Blackrivers Black Ice. Owner: Donna Yadeskie.



Ridge View Happy Hour. Owner: Donna Reece & Nora Siegner.



Mayfair Tameric's Reese. Owner: Tammy Farrington & Eric Benziger.



Hoffmann's Stormy Hit. Owner: Ruth A Hoffmann & Randahl F Hoffmann.



Ridge View Black Velvet. Owner: Donna Reece & Nora Siegner.



Shalane Cora Belle. Owner: Deborah S Lewis.



Whispering Pine's Charmed One. Owner: John Sebalusky & Barbara Sebalusky.



Pembroke Going To California. Owner: Bob Shober & Terri Shober.



Calabria's Maeson Blue. Owner: Mary Catizone.



Musket A Force Of Halat. Owner: Pat Gadaleta.



Sheabourne's Dream Of Doves. Owner: Shannon Carlton & Earl Carlton.



Augustus Kenya's Capital Nyah. Owner: Jean Sullivan & Mary Kobis.



Ch Wit's End Windfall Vegas Showgirl. Owner: Angela Ewald & Annie Cogo.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 12-15 Mos Yellow.



LSRK Angel's Delight Hannah. Owner: Brenda Stidfole & Harry Stidfole.



Shadowdale's Just One Look. Owner: Cindy Hummel & Linda Forsyth.



Bellathatch No Guts No Glory. Owner: Florence Jones.



McCrindle Molly. Owner: Annie Gaudrzan & Michael McCrindle.



Chablais Ch‚re Cam‚e. Owner: Jean-Louis Blais & Madeleine Charest.



Crossfire Let The Rivers Run. Owner: Jean E DeGuira & William J Phelan & Dianne Bormann.



Empress Morning Lilly. Owner: Dawn Nacey.



Cornerstone's Bernadette. Owner: Sheree Paskert.



Snowden Hill Charlie's Girl. Owner: Georgann W Syphard & Gladys W Rogers.



Broadway's Riverdance. Owner: Maryann Czerwinski.



Capewood's Femme Fatale. Owner: Janice R Baltrushunas.




Sweepstakes, Bitches 12-15 Mos Chocolate.



Blackrock Candy Kiss Of Candy Acres. Owner: Gayle L Abrams.



Pinehaven Wassookeag Ruby. Owner: Susan S Robichaud & David J Robichaud.



Rockycreek's Delightful Dilemma. Owner: Kathryn Mines & Geraldine Mines.



Bittersweet's Torch Suns. Owner: Susan L Brownell.



Rockycreek's Cinnamon Teal. Owner: Kathryn Mines & Geraldine & Janice Mines.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 15-18 Mos Black.



Shar-Jam's China Silk. Owner: Sharon K Celentano & James P Celentano.



Hennings Mill Fast Lane. Owner: Lois A Engel & Dorothy G Galvin.



Ragged Run Windfall Grace O'Mally. Owner: Sue Simpson & Annie Cogo & Charles Simpson.



Mirabelle Nightwind Talisman. Owner: Margaret Lands.



Graycroft's Shared Horizon. Owner: Karen A Cheney & Anna Clark.



Folklaur Illusion At Lyric. Owner: Sue Simon & Dennis Simon & Laura Dedering.



Folklaur Magic Spell. Owner: Claire Gaeckle & Laura J Dedering.



Bellburns Dollar And A Dream. Owner: Carol Pyne & Dan Pyne, Barb & Pet Corbelli.



Oulsmi Tempe. Owner: Roger Bannister & Caroline Bannister.



Alvalley's Agatha Christie. Owner: Alfredo Vallejo & Sheila Rekow.



Ridge View Olive Has A Twist. Owner: Nora Sullivan & Donna Reece.



Hunt Club Clayview Casey. Owner: Nancy Arbuckle & D Vollette.



Chestnut's Libby. Owner: John Moneghan.



Beechcroft's Bay Berry. Owner: Mary A Wiest & Michael Wiest.



Belquest Jet Black Snowgoose. Owner: Dr Terry Purkable & Drew Lund.



Gaffs Leather 'N Lace. Owner: Charlotte Ryan.



Belquest Made For Jeans. Owner: Vicky Creamer.



Tabatha's Heaven's To Betsy. Owner: Vicky Creamer & Carol Heidl.



Bellburns Vannah Black. Owner: Barbara A Corbelli.



Allegheny's Kyanite. Owner: Clare Senfield.



Tabatha's Celestial. Owner: Carol Heidl.



Calabria's Classic Black. Owner: Mary Catizone.

Sweepstakes, Bitches 15-18 Mos Yellow.



Mountain Vista's No Fear. Owner: Kelly Crawford & Laura Kieffer.



Blackdux Pearl. Owner: Kathleen Wolf.



Ridgecrest All American. Owner: Betsy Broyd.



Flatbroke's Trick Or Treat. Owner: Rose Marie Ross & Ivy Frank.



Rockinoak Diamonds R Forever. Owner: Ania Becker.



Hunterleigh's Tabatha Grace. Owner: Norbert Wewer.



Bonaventure's Bo Derek At Sumo. Owner: Patricia W Block & Tom & Gail Shearer.



Trdsmn's Wild Orchids At Sumo. Owner: Patricia W Block.



Hunt Club Clayview Chelsea. Owner: Nancy Arbuckle & David Vollette.



Hopbrook's Carry Me Back. Owner: Beth Schweitzer.



Shadow Glen's Bespoken. Owner: Margaret S Wilson.



Birkie Of Blackamoor. Owner: H Price Jessup.



Pandemonium Lady Liberty. Owner: Laura N & Olin R Jennings.



Tabathas Anticipation At Lobuff. Owner: Lisa Weiss & Jim Nolechek.


Sweepstakes, Bitches 15-18 Mos Chocolate.



Havencreek Mud Slide. Owner: Lisa Riggio



Dogwoods I Believe Sunce. Owner: Kimberly Lankford.



Chestnut's Majestic Maggie. Owner: John Moneghan.



Gaff's Climin High. Owner: Charlotte Ryan.



Best in Sweeps


Best of Opposite