WHIPPETS. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.



Kimeras Orient Express. HP096170/10. 3/17/2004. Breeder: Erin Campbell DVM & Kim White. By Winsmoors Maverick Cowboy Up - Ch Morlais Ticket To Ride. Owner: Erin Campbell DVM & Kim White.



Tivio Colors Of The Wind. HP066564/01. 9/02/2003. Breeder: Doug Hoxsey, Tracy P & John Hite. By Ch Poppy Hill's My Brave Face SC - Ch Tivio's Allure. Owner: Doug Hoxsey & Tracy P Hite.



Taliesin Fly On The Wall. HM974618/02. 8/06/2001. Breeder: Libby De Mille. By Ch Crystal Creek's Fast Eddy - Ch Wildcard Snowcap Wings. Owner: Libby De Mille.



Fanfare's Tequila Rose. HP089338/01. 1/19/2004. Breeder: Shelley Kruger. By Ch Poppy Hills Cast No Shadow - Ch Leyenda's Wish Upon A Star. Owner: Shelley Kruger.



Andauer Don't Be Cruel. HP048212/13. 3/19/2003. Breeder: Aimee Rasmussen, K Gibson, D Sumara. By Ch Wenrick's With Rhyme N Reason - Ch Andauer Sunday Best JC. Owner: Karen L Gibson & Aimee Rasmussea.



Limerick Unbridled. HN000206/01. 5/04/2002. Breeder: Andra Haasis & Jamie Souza. By Ch Diva's Rigoletto Fo Bohem - Limerick Show Me The Bunny JC. Owner: Andra Haasis & Jamie Souza.



Elidas My Girl. HP025389/03. 9/21/2002. Breeder: Susan Vernon & Shellie Juden. By Ch Chelsealong Kiss Goodnight - Ch Elidas Summer Dream At Summit. Owner: Shellie Juden.



Grovenor's On The Mark SC. HM905667/01. 7/04/2000. Breeder: Steven L Klein & Lorraine Gyenge. By Ch Wildfire's Tradewinds - Grovenor's On Target. Owner: Steven L Klein & Ruth Brown.



Chelsea Hot Smoke And Sassafras. HP070463/01. 10/20/2003. Breeder: Deann Christianson. By Ch Chelsea Where There's Smoke - Ch Keynote Chelsea Windsong. Owner: Deann Christianson & Joetta K Melton.



Norika's Dreama Little Dream. HM851364/01. 7/08/99. Breeder: Geraldine Putnam & Bente Opsahl. By Ch Norika's O'Danny Boy - Ch Norika's Pretty Women. Owner: Geraldine Putnam & Bente Opsahl.



Longlesson Elysian Victorian. HN001726/01. 1/17/2002. Breeder: Longlesson Knls, B Clark, S Tompson, J R Gray. By Ch Longlesson Travis McGee - Elysian Egg Creme. Owner: Longlesson Kennels & B Clark, S Thompson, J R Gray. (Jan Swayze, Agent).



Elain-Ward's Some Like It Hot. HN011367/01. 10/14/2002. Breeder: Julie A Konwent & Rick Hahn. By Wildfire's Seattle Sky - Ch Lambay Miss Juls O'Elainward. Owner: Toni A Paskey & Julie A Konwent & Rick Hahn.



Sportingfield Zella Devine. HP095774/06. 12/09/2003. Breeder: Dan Black & Dionne Butt. By Ch Sportingfield Rock On JC - Raybar's Talladega Tara. Owner: T Kimball & M Kimball, Dan Black & Dionne Butt.



Amherst Woods Forever My Lady. HP119591/05. 2/17/2004. Breeder: Christine Gillies. By Ch Summit Sir Yvain JC - Ch Affinity's Dare To Dream CD OA NAJ JC. Owner: Christine Gillies.



Norika RH Ingenuity. HP044361/01. 1/02/2003. Breeder: Gerry Putnam, Bente Opsahl, C T Hirko. By Norika's RH Positive - Norika's High Hopes. Owner: Gerry Putnam & Bente Opsahl & C P Hirko.



Windy Days Down In Kokomo. HM941876/01. 2/27/2001. Breeder: Genevieve Day. By Ch Chelsea Bulgari JC - Ch Starline's Bayeux Tapestry. Owner: Genevieve Day.



Saxon Shore Brushwood Paradiso. HP101284/02. 11/22/2003. Breeder: Dennis Sumara, Brent Davis & Daniel Lockhart. By Ch Delacreme De La Renta - Ch Saxon Shore Brushwood Astarte. Owner: Dennis Sumara & Brent Davis & Daniel Lockhart.



One O'Clock Golden Seranade. HM998339/01. 3/05/2002. Breeder: Renne & James Iler. By Ch Duke Of Adagio Jilzan - One O'Clock Prelude To A Kiss. Owner: Renne Iler & James Iler.



Talisman In The Fast Lane. HP073200/03. 10/03/2003. Breeder: Mark & Cynthia Unger. By DC Chelsea Long Kiss Goodnight SC - Ch Talisman Tequila Sunrise. Owner: Mark Unger & Cynthia Unger.



ML Morshors Legacy Rocks On. HP099390/06. 2/22/2004. Breeder: Laura Martin & Davin McAteer. By Ch Sportingfields Rock On JC - Ch Mill Landings Majestic Legacy. Owner: Laura Martin & Davin McAteer.



Solaris Saxon Shore Zia. HP071490/05. 9/07/2003. Breeder: D Sumara, P Magette & D Lockhart. By Ch Rhode Paved With Gold - Ch Brushwood Saxon Shore Phoenix. Owner: P Magette & D Lockhart.



Longrun's Legendary Mission JC. HP025278/01. 9/23/2002. Breeder: Sally & William Long. By Ch Windborn Take A Bow SC - Wyndancer's I Got The Joy. Owner: Sally Long & William Long.



Fallowfield Hit The Gas. HP089926/14. 12/12/2003. Breeder: Connie Brunkow DVM. By Ch Plumcreek Hollowell In Flight - Fallowfield The Voice Within. Owner: Connie Brunkow DVM & Laura Nichols.



Tattershall So My Halo's Crooked. HP080105/01. 11/23/2003. Breeder: Patricia A Richey. By Ch Tattershall Flashdance - Tattershall Jest Plain Jane. Owner: Patricia A Richey.



TnTls The Fast N The Furious SC. HNO12228/16. 10/23/2002. Breeder: Juli Johnson, Mike Terry & Donna Richards. By DC Hollowell Plumcreek Zephyr SC - Fch TnT;s Wandering KFC. Owner: Lary Richards & Donna Richards & Julie Johnson.



Adagio Jlzn I Stand All Amazed JC. HM930725/11. 10/10/2000. Breeder: LaRee & Keith Johnson & Jill S Baum. By Ch Surrey Hill's Firing Line - Ch Surrey Hill's Sweet Danger SC. Owner: LaRee Johnson & Keith Johnson & Jill S Baum.



Blueskies Great Expectations. HP087604/02. 2/25/2004. Breeder: Barbara Ruth Smith. By Woodsmoke Final Gesture - Ch Blueskies Paprika. Owner: Barbara Ruth Smith.

1 W BW


Cariad's No Doubt At Baccarat. PN966849CAN. 7/03/2004. Breeder: Kim Pritchard & T C Taft. By Ch Baccarat Graymorn Thunderbird - Ch Cariad's All Or Nothing. Owner: Kim Pritchard & T C Taft & Marlene Glowinski.



Sonsteby's Edible Petals. HM934689/01. 10/10/2000. Breeder: Kristy Kenyon-Davis. By Ch Limard's Brigadoon - Sonsteby's South Sea Nymph. Owner: Kristy Kenyon-Davis.



Summit La Signora Crystabell. HP038155/02. 1/04/2003. Breeder: Susan Vernon & Dr Susie Fausnt. By Ch Chelsea Long Kiss Goodnight - Summit Some Days Are Diamond. Owner: Dr Michael McEachern & Jennifer McEachern & S Vernon.



Appaws Sun Sign. HP049167/02. 4/26/2003. Breeder: Genevieve B Holland. By Windyglen's Willysoverland Whippet - Appaws Chantilly Lace. Owner: Genevieve B Holland.



Nobility CsaEkaterina Tivio. HP081639/05. 10/26/2003. Breeder: Robert L Mushen MD, J Pearce-Mushen, T Hite, A Price. By Ch Lord Henry Tivio's Incomparable SC - Ch Tivio's Touch Gold JC. Owner: Dr Robert L Mushen & Jenee' Pearce-Mushen.



Nobility Anne Boleyn Tivio. HP081639/04. 10/26/2003. Breeder: Robert L Mushen MD, J Pearce-Mushen, T Hite, A Price. By Ch Lord Henry Tivio's Incomparable SC - Ch Tivio's Touch Gold JC. Owner: Dr Robert L Mushen & Jenee' Pearce-Mushen.