WHIPPETS. Lure Coursing Dogs.



Ch Poppy Hills My Brave Face MC. HM897803/03. 4/10/2000. Breeder: Joan G Damon. By DC Chelsea Gold Rush Of Keynote - Ch Delacreme Red Cloud Avalon. Owner: John P Garrison. (Mary Dukes, Agent).



DC Chelsea Gold Rush Of Keynote. HM680554/01. 12/25/96. Breeder: S Hoagland, D Christianson. By Ch Rhode Paved With Gold - Ch Jocora Chelsea One For The Rd. Owner: Deann Christianson.



Ch Alcyon The Soprano. HN005076/04. 7/09/2002. Breeder: C Hopperstad, C Rohrbach, M Downing, C Scott. By DC Chelsea Gold Rush Of Keynote JC - Ch Whimsy's Water Lily. Owner: C J Foxx-Bertrang & Greg Bertrang.



Debmar Boot Scoot Boogie. HP050864/06. 6/15/2003. Breeder: Maurice & Deborah Bahm. By Ch Chelsea Made You Look Of Sage - FC Bayberry's Cindy Lou Who SC. Owner: Maurice Bahm & Deborah Bahm.



DC Regal Simply Reigns At Night CD SC NA. HM532777/04. 6/24/94. Breeder: Mary Cardillo. By Ch Starlines Reign On JC - Ch Regal Winterfest. Owner: Kathy Francen.

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Ch Belaya CirqueDuSoliel SC. HM984910/02. 9/22/2001. Breeder: Carol Chittum. By Belaya Pajama Game SC - FC Belaya Sun Kissed SC. Owner: Carol Siipola Chittum.


WHIPPETS. Lure Coursing Bitches.



TnTls The Fast N The Furious SC. HNO12228/16. 10/23/2002. Breeder: Juli Johnson, Mike Terry & Donna Richards. By DC Hollowell Plumcreek Zephyr SC - Fch TnT;s Wandering KFC. Owner: Lary Richards & Donna Richards & Julie Johnson.



Jilzan Adagio Starchaser. HM966954/06. 6/28/2001. Breeder: Jill S Baum, LaRee Johnson, Keith Johnson. By Galeforce Tilt O' Whirl - Ch Jilzan Peregrine Dream SC. Owner: Jill S Baum & LaRee G Johnson.



DC Mimbres Evangeline SC. HM939926/11. 10/26/2000. Breeder: Owen J Light. By DC Chelsea Made You Look Of Sage - DC Mimbres Fairhope SC. Owner: Maurice Bahm.



DC Belaya La Vie En Rose SC NA NAJ. HM862027/01. 9/12/99. Breeder: Carol Siipola Chittum. By Belaya The Music Man - FC Belaya Sunkissed SC. Owner: Carol Siipola Chittum & V Celeste Carter. (Christy Maxfield, Agent).