WHIPPETS. American Bred Bitches.



Wildfire's Divine Secret JC. HP018167/04. 7/11/2002. Breeder: Lori Nelson & Ruth Brown. By DC Midsummer's Dances With Waves SC - Ch Wildfire's Desert Jasmine. Owner: Rhonda Gifford.



Red Cloud Elida. HM987493/02. 12/11/2001. Breeder: Shellie Juden. By Ch Red Cloud Quintessence JC - Ch Fire-X Cardamon Of Elida JC. Owner: Shellie Juden.



Tru-Luv Windborn Whitney Who. HP072098/01. 8/10/2003. Breeder: Libby Rice & Lori Wilson. By DC Chelsea Long Kiss Goodnight SC - Ch Tru-Luv Windborn Jelly Belly. Owner: Libby Rice & Lori Wilson.



Del Cielo Sun Kiss Goodnight. HP026437/01. 9/27/2002. Breeder: A Alexander, B Baldridge, Susan Vernon. By DC Chelsea Long Kiss Good - Ch Summit Heavenly. Owner: Angie Diehl & Susan Vernon. (Amanda Clevenger, Agent).



Brushwood's Saxon Shore Solaris. HP071490/04. 9/07/2003. Breeder: Dennis Sumara & Daniel Lockhart & Pamela Magette. By Ch Rhode Paved With Gold - Ch Brushwood Saxon Shore Phoenix. Owner: Dr Dennis Sumara & Jodi Allward.



Camelot's Heart Of Gold. HP027571/05. 9/20/2002. Breeder: Art & Janis Castle & Susan Vernon. By Ch Summit Sorcerer's Apprentice - Camelot's Aurora Borealis. Owner: Art Castle & Janis Castle & Susan Vernon.



Sonsteby's Pleased As Punch. HP069407/02. 9/23/2003. Breeder: Kristy L Kenyon. By Ch Rhode Paved With Gold - Sonsteby's Jubilation. Owner: Kristy L Kenyon.



Winsmoor's Heaven Sent. HP050653/12. 3/18/2003. Breeder: Rosanna M Sutton & Synthia M Chadwick. By Ch Surrey Hills Firing Line - Ch Winsmoor's Absolutely Fabulous!. Owner: Rosanna Sutton & Cynthia Chadwick.



Kokopelli's Desert Rose. HP003545/03. 2/08/2002. Breeder: Deborah Carter Martino. By Ch Alcyon Runamik Nautilus - Kokopelli Piper In Paris. Owner: Mary A Miller & Nancy Miller & Deb Martino.



Finghin's Aeryn Sun. HM874171/02. 11/24/99. Breeder: Elaine, Sean & Melody McMichael. By Ch Elysian-A-Few Perrier - Finghin's Firebird Ballet SC. Owner: Cathryn A Day.



Halstan's Nonsuch Charlies Angel. HM912863/06. 6/10/2000. Breeder: Stan & Dee Halley, K & K Dumke. By FC Sporting Fields Jazz Fest SC - Ch Halston Nonsuch Heaven Sent. Owner: Stan Halley & Dee Halley.



Saxon Shore Solaris Angelfire. HP071490/08. 9/07/2003. Breeder: Dennis Sumara, Daniel Lockhart, Pamela Magette. By Ch Rhode Paved With Gold - Ch Brushwood Saxon Shore Phoenix. Owner: Daniel Lockhart & Pamela Magette.



Lambay's Avion MK Journey. HP049324/03. 4/01/2003. Breeder: Pam & Rob Lambie & Kim Tucker. By DC Chelsea Gold Rush Of Keynote SC - Lambay's Cherry Garcia. Owner: Krys Johnson & Hal Wilmot.



Longlesson Ragtyme Arlen. HN004548/05. 5/25/2002. Breeder: Longlesson, Feldheim, Willis Carr. By Ch Broadstrider By George - Ch Allerei's Shannon JC. Owner: Jan Jones & Longlesson Knls. (Jan Swayze, Agent).



Tivio's Fantasia JC. HP066564/05. 9/02/2003. Breeder: Doug Hoxsey, John & Tracy Hite. By Ch Poppy Hills My Brave Face Sc - Ch Tivio's Allure. Owner: Justin Dannenbring & Doug Hoxsey.



Bonzoumet's Moulan Rouge. HP040580/06. 11/23/2002. Breeder: Susan Baker. By Ch Starline's Fame & Fortune - Ch Bonzoumet's Rampage. Owner: Susan Baker. (Amanda Clevenger, Agent).