WHIPPETS. Dogs, 12-18 Mos.



Classic Streets Of Pure Gold. HP085770/03. 12/02/2003. Breeder: Catherine Vroom & Frank DePaulo. By Ch Classic Neil Diamond SC - Classic Delta Queen. Owner: Dr Lisa Costello.



Red Cloud Tivio Touchstone. HP087496/06. 1/04/2004. Breeder: Barbara Nyby & Tracy Hite. By Ch Tivio's Chiricahua - Ch Red Cloud Tivio Quenelle JC. Owner: John P Garrison.



Elain Ward's Third And Long. HP086205/01. 12/07/2003. Breeder: Julie A Konwent & Rick Hahn. By Wildfire's Seattle Sky - Ch Lambay Miss Juls O'Elainward. Owner: Elaine M Bertagnoli & Julie A Konwent.



Grovenor's Smart Remark. HP075888/01. 11/04/2003. Breeder: Steven L Klein & Ruth Brown. By Ch Wildfire's Special Effects - Grovenor's On The Mark SC. Owner: Steven L Klein.



Sunbeam Rembrandt Of Endeavor. HP090341/03. 2/06/2004. Breeder: Danielle & Peter Jacobsen, Linda Stewart. By Ch Chelsea Where There's Smoke - Ch Endeavor's Purple Reign JC. Owner: Danielle Jacobsen & Peter Jacobsen.



Chelsea Smoke Alarm. HP070463/02. 10/20/2003. Breeder: Deann Christianson. By Ch Chelsea Where There's Smoke - Ch Keynote Chelsea Windsong. Owner: Lynn Scroggins & Joni Scroggins & Iva Kimmelman.



Summit TopHat And Tails. HP093234/05. 2/13/2004. Breeder: Suzanne Hughes & Susan Vernon. By DC Chelsea Long Kiss Goodnight SC - Ch Summit N Snow Hill Shared Gold JC. Owner: Kara L Knox.



Endeavor's Topaz Of Glenamadda. HP07438/01. 11/03/2003. Breeder: Linda Stewart & Dr Susan Prokopenko. By Ch Rhode Paved With Gold - Ch Endeavor's Precious Gem JC. Owner: Linda Stewart & Lori Lawrence.



Andaver Driving You Inzane. HP078632/01. 11/01/2003. Breeder: Karen Gibson & Dennis Sumara. By Ch Riverchase Just Do It - Ch Brushwood Zoom Of Tanglewynde. Owner: Kathy Francen & Karen Gibson.



Elain-ward's Three Dog Night. HP086205/02. 12/07/2003. Breeder: Julie A Konwent & Rick Hahn. By Wildfire's Seattle Sky - Ch Lambay Miss Juls O'Elainward. Owner: Julie A Konwent.



Travlin' Real Time Rogue. HP089091/01. 12/01/2003. Breeder: Terry Schwartzman Noreen Harris & Heidi Powell. By Nevedith Rare Rogue - Ch Leyenda's Cinnamon Sun Splash SC. Owner: Terry Schwartzman.



Elidas Maxim. HP080405/02. 10/26/2003. Breeder: Susan Vernon & Shellie Juden. By Ch Barchet Singular Sensation - Ch Elidas Summer Dream At Summit. Owner: Dennis Sumara & J Allward & D Lockhart & S Juden. (Raymond Yurick, Agent).



Dragonwing Sirocco. HP119720/01. 3/01/2004. Breeder: Terje Ellingsen. By Hydale Black Instyle - Lhaghang Crabrila. Owner: Lee Anne Norris. (Mary Dukes, Agent).



Castlecrest's Heir Apparent. HP090852/01. 12/24/2003. Breeder: Ron & Linda Waggoner. By Ch Castlecrest's In Your Dreams - Ch Castlecrest's Silver Charm. Owner: Ron Waggoner & Linda Waggoner.



Fallowfield Soul Keeper. HP089926/15. 12/12/2003. Breeder: Connie Brunkow DVM. By Ch Plumcreek Hollowell In Flight - Fallowfield The Voice Within. Owner: Connie Brunkow DVM & Laura Nichols.



Whimsy's New Way To Fly. HP087454/01. 1/29/2004. Breeder: Chris Downing Mary Downing & Christine Hopperstad. By DC Chelsea Gold Rush Of Keynote SC - Ch Whimsy's Chamonix. Owner: Chris Downing & Chris Castillo.



Sporting Field's Winter Wheat. HP0960904/05. 3/22/2004. Breeder: Dionne E Butt & Brenda Malick. By Ch Sporting Field's Hot Topic - Ch Sporting Field Blonde Bombshell. Owner: Dionne E Butt.